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Massive Muscle Building

It’s extremely important that you read this short, eye opening article


Because on this short page, you’ll find out the ONE thing that will allow you to build pounds of lean muscle mass within a matter of weeks, NOT months or years.

And as you read this entire page word for word, you'll be shocked at the lies and misinformation that the multi-billion dollar muscle building industry has been feeding you... on purpose!

WARNING: This is NOT a gimmick—if you’re simply looking for a “hyped up”, quick fix, then I’m afraid you are NOT on the right website. Also, If you think the only way to build a jaw-dropping muscular body is to use steroids, tons of fancy supplements and spend 3 hours in the gym every day, then this is NOT for you.

However, if you are looking for no B.S techniques based on REAL and PROVEN cutting-edge strategies, then what I’m about to share with you may be the most important muscle-building information that you'll ever read.

Myth And Downright Lie #1:

"If You Train Like A Bodybuilder, You Will Look Like A Bodybuilder"...

This myth is at the top of the list because it's the primary lie that misleads many trainees into following training routines that can damage the body.

Here's the truth: Imitating the training routines of professional bodybuilders is the absolute worst mistake that you can make.


Because all professional bodybuilders use massive amounts of steroids, therefore the methods that work for them will never work for the average non-steroid user like you and me.

Training like a pro bodybuilder is not only a waste of time and effort but also a sure fire way to quickly become over-trained and possibly even injured due the insane training routines that pro bodybuilders follow.

The bottom line is that unless you have phenomenal genetics and you use massive amounts of steroids, imitating the training routines of elite bodybuilders is the absolute worst mistake that you can ever make

Myth And Downright Lie #2:

"In Order To Build Muscle, You Have To Spend Hours At The Gym Every Day..."

Again, unless you have amazing genetics and you are taking steroids, spending half your day at the gym will quickly cause you to become over-trained, suffer injury and even illness.

Here's the truth: Training more and more will NOT help you build more muscle and it will cause you to LOSE muscle instead of gaining it.

The truth is that your body builds muscle while you are resting and NOT while you are training.

If you are training "naturally" without assistance form steroids, it's critical that you keep your workouts and training time to a minimum, in order to prevent your body form catabolizing or "eating" your muscle tissue.

Myth And Downright Lie #3:

"Taking The Latest Powder, Liquid Or Pill... Will Give You The Body Of Your Dreams"

Here's the bodybuilding industrys best kept secret: Every major bodybuilding and fitness magazine is owned and operated by a supplement company and 99% of their income does not come from magazine subscriptions but form selling you supplements, most of which lack sufficient research and simply DO NOT work.

The majority of those so called "reviews" in muscle magazines are nothing more than disguised supplements advertisements.

Don't believe me? Feel free to look it up, just like I did.

    * Muscle & Fitness AND FLEX are owned by Weider Enterprises.

    * Iron Man is owned by Muscle Linc. Supplements.

    * Muscle Mag International owns MuscleTech.

    * Muscle Media was formerly owned by EAS.

    * Muscular Development is owned by Twinlab.

    * Status is owned by Magnum Nutraceuticals.

So the guys that write these glowing first hand "reviews" are actually employed by supplement companies!

I do not work for supplement companies nor am I owned by any of them and what I am about to show to you is the REAL DEAL and actually works!

Myth And Downright Lie #4:

"Those Fancy Looking Machines Will Help You Build Muscle..."

Numerous studies have proven that most machines quite literally "suck" at stimulating new muscle growth. Most notably because training with machines does not stimulate testosterone production anywhere near as well as free weight training.

As you’re probably well aware, high testosterone levels play a massive role in muscle growth. If you’re not maximizing your levels of testosterone every time you train, then you might as well not train at all, because without testosterone, you simply will not be able to build any muscle mass and strength.

And lets not even get into those ridiculous looking late night infomercial machines and gadgets that guarantee amazing results in only 15 minutes a day... 3 days a week, without diet or exercise... etc.

If you’ve actually bought one of those silly looking gadgets in the past, then I'm sorry that you've wasted both your time and money.


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