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Make millions at home with Unique outsourcing technique

How did I invent this business model?

I used to work for a web design company. For years, I made less than $40,000 a year, while I did all the programming and design work, while my bosses, the executives and presidents, made millions of dollars every year. The worst part? My bosses DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER, LET ALONE CREATE A WEBSITE! After observing this for years, I realized my bosses were getting rich because they know the art of being a good businessman. The art of being a good businessman is BEING A GOOD MIDDLEMAN.


My family grew up very poor.  We lived in the south side of Chicago...in the slums. My parents worked 5 jobs to pay the bills. We were robbed every year at gunpoint. Somtimes twice. My father was beaten up by gangs in our neighborhood. My sister was almost raped. My parents couldn't afford to buy me a birthday present, so they took me to McDonalds to play in the free playground instead. We never went shopping. Our clothes were from the Salvation Army. We ate cheap canned corn and ramen noodles every day. We never went out to eat. We rode the bus. We had metal detectors in my junior high school. We lived in constant fear. The fear of getting through the day. Constantly worrying about money, never enjoying life. The lack of money made our lives literally DEADLY. From stress, fear and living in a neighborhood that was literally life-threatening from all the gangs. It was a nightmare for all of us.

One day, my parents were waiting for the bus after work around midnight. They were robbed at gunpoint by a crackhead. He put a gun to my fathers head and told him to empty his pockets and my mothers too. They did as he ordered, and before he left with the little money my parents had with them, he hit my father on the head with the butt of his pistol. He was knocked unconscious and woke up 3 days later, with a fractured skull.

My parents had enough. They decided to take control of their lives and MAKE MONEY. It was the ONLY way to SURVIVE.


My parents started a small catering business that year. They worked 18 hours a day, and eventually, we were able to move out to the suburbs. I was 14. My new neighborhood was great. There was no gunfire. No police sirens. We could go outside after dark without worrying about getting robbed or beaten up. It was great! From that point on, I told myself that I will NEVER be without money. We weren't rich or even well off by any means, but we were able to live without FEAR for the first time in our lives. All thanks to making enough money to move out of the slums. At that point, my eyes were opened and I understood the REAL VALUE OF MONEY IN THIS WORLD. I undersood the IMPORTANCE of money. I didn't care what people said. I decided from that day forth I would become RICH some day.

MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. Nothing in this world can be done without money.

Want to eat? You need money.

Want to buy something? You need money.

What an education? You need money.

Want to look after your loved ones? You need money.

Worrying about money. Not having options because of the lack of money. This is a TERRIBLE way to live but unfortunately, too many people live their lives either financially unstable.

I promised myself that some day, I would take care of my parents and buy them a mansion. All their years of hard work, and the HELL my family went through will make me stronger. I would become more motivated than anyone else.

 My Awakening

I went to school for Computer Science. I got good grades, and went on to get a job as a junior web designer at a large firm. I've always wanted to be rich and financially free, but I knew I could never do it working in a job. I had to pay the bills, so like most people, I got a "stable" job, which I hated, because I had to. I began work at a medium-sized web design firm in the summer of 1998.

From the first day of work at my new firm, I couldn't help but notice how much MONEY MY BOSSES WERE MAKING! It was simple really. My bosses would get clients, outsource the projects to web designers for a small fee, and keep the profits for themselves. They did none of the work, yet made ALL of the money! I came into the office at 8AM every day. My bosses, the executives and president came in at noon, or some days, not at all. I overheard them talk about their travels on the corporate jet. The $500 dinners. The expensive suits, the shopping sprees, the vacation homes...the things everyone dreams of.

My bosses made MILLIONS. While us idiots sat in our cubicles pumping out websites, my bosses were making millions of dollars and they were financially free! I was missing life and everything it has to offer because I was too busy working a "stable" job.

I was working 12 hours every day, driving a Honda, living in a small 1 bedroom apartment with no future. One day, I decided to leave it all behind and start my own web design business. Just like my bosses. I followed my bosses model of getting other people to do the web design, while I SOLD THE WEB DESIGN PACKAGES to clients. The business was an instant success.

I used to make $40,000 per year at my old job. Within 3 months of starting my new business, I made $60,000 in 3 months!

My eyes were opened and I had learned how to make REAL MONEY. I had discovered the secret to making real money without working long hours. It was an entirely different level of business.

I've read that Larry Ellison, the Billionaire founder of the Oracle Software Company, doesn't know how to do any computer  programming himself. Yet he is one of the richest people in the world because he HIRES and OUTSOURCES his work to professionals. This is exactly what I was doing, but on smaller scale. I wasn't a web design. I was a PROJECT MANAGER.

Fast forward 3 years. I was now earning $500,000 a year. The next year, $600,000, then $800,000 and it just kept growing. This year, my income will exceed $1.1 million! I don't see any signs of slowing down.

I don't drive a Honda anymore. I drive a Ferrari F430, a Mercedes G Wagon and I have a corporate account with 2 limo companies to take  me anywhere I want, 24-7. I don't make $40,000 a year anymore like I did at my job. I spend that much at the Poker tables in Vegas, or on a shopping spree. In an industry where people say you can't make any money, I've invented a business model that made me into a MILLIONAIRE...and YOU CAN DO IT TO!

By the way, I did buy my parents that mansion eventually. Last year, I bought my parents a $900,000 mini mansion. I bought them each a Cadillac Escalade. I deposit $9,000 into their joint checking account every year. They travel, have fun, and enjoy life without worrying about money. They couldn't be more proud of me and I couldn't be happier that I am ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE I LOVE.

Most of us never get that opportunity. No way in hell my parents will ever live in a second-rate nursing home because I can't afford better.

I've made more than enough money to retire myself. But I keep on working because I love to. I've now made a new goal for myself. That's to spread the word and "free" as many people financially as I can. It's so rewarding to me to be able to share my success with other people and provide potential for others who are stuck in a rut.

Too many of you are missing out on life because you can't afford to LIVE. I want to share my experiences with all of you and make you RICH like me



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