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ListBuilding Autoresponders - Autoresponder for Building your list

"How Do I Effectively Implement List Building
Into My Business!"

    List building is a very powerful way of building your business. It allows you to gather hundreds or even thousands of targeted prospects that you can build relationships with and market to over a course of time.

    To build your list in as little time as possible, you need an Autoresponder, a squeeze page also known as opt-in page and a strategy for driving hordes of traffic to your squeeze page/opt-in form.

"What Do I Need To Get Started Right Away?"

    You need an Autoresponder, a squeeze page a method or strategy for driving traffic to your opt-in page BUT more importantly... You need to know what you are going to be offering for your follow-up messages.

    It's all well and dandy racing out there and getting an Aweber account or Getresponse account thinking that you'll be rolling in the dough before you have to pay the merciless monthly fee...

    And those monthly fee's can and do kill a lot of newbie marketers because they are just not making any money so they just give up building a list and try the next shiny thing to make money.

"What Are Some Of The Benefits of List Building?"

    The benefits far outweight any hiccups you may encounter whilst building a huge email list that you can market too any time of the day or night. As the list belongs to YOU and no-one else.

    I feel the following are probably the most important benefits of building your own list.

       1. Self-Branding

              Self Branding is the only way you are going to stand out of the crowd and for your subscibers to get to know you and eventually trust. People do business with people, not businesses.

       2. Targeted Traffic

              Building your list is excellent for getting quality, targeted visitors on your business Website. Most people, who opt into your list, are interested in the niche that you are promoting for. When your follow up messages are informational and highly relevant to the reason why they joined. They become highly targeted to you as an individual

       3. Building Relationships

              Without a list there is no other way of building trust and relationships with your subscribers that eventually turn some into customers and others possibly into business associates.

       4. Constant Contact

              Having your own listbuilding autorepsonder enables you to communicate with your subscribers more than once. After all you own the Autoresponder and the list you are building. No-one but no-one can dictate to you what, where and how often you can send a message to your subscribers.

       5. Multiple Income Streams

              You need to do this wisely though. Slowly introduce new products and services to your list while also presenting them with helpful information.

       6. Market Research

              This is perhaps by far the biggest mistake all newbie list builders amke and that's to think they know best on what to email their subscribers about. After all it is MY LIST.

              Oh, so very wrong. The golden nuggets are collected when you find out exactly what they want and then give it to them. Remember the WIIFM.

       7. Quick Money

              Ever been in a situation where you need some quick cash. Maybe your short to take the partner out on a date. Send out a quick fire email message with a super discounted special only available for the next 24 hrs or less. Be creative it really does work.

       8. Viral Marketing

              Do not skim over the importance of Viral Marketing as your subscribers and customers can be your most avid salesmen or they can can tear you apart. So do not abuse them and they wont abuse you.

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