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List Building Automation

ou're about to discover a very powerful yet simple list building system that will bring you more traffic, more subscribers, and grow overall business faster than you ever thought possible... all on autopilot!

Newsflash, Internet marketing is nowhere as easy as it used to be. Just a few short years ago all you had to do to make a decent buck online was to point your Google Adwords traffic to a decent, converting affiliate offer and count your money as it rolled in!

Times have changed and so have the tactics
that have proven to be most successful.

Every day it seems like there's a new "flavor of the month" system coming out, a new traffic tactic, or new product launch that promises to be the holy grail of Internet marketing and give you that ever elusive pushbutton income and lifestyle on the beach.

Sadly most end up being nothing more than over hyped claims, rehashed information, or flat-out scams.

It's very common nowadays to see affiliates who were making way over $1,000 a day one week be out of business the next week just because there was some shift that happened in their business model. Google bans their account, their affiliate network goes out of business, their ads and sites get blackballed, or any other number of problems that can go wrong when you don't build your business on "solid ground".

Throughout all this volatility in the marketing landscape over the last few years some marketers haven't been affected at all. They are still raking it in as if it were the good old days. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite is true. Their businesses have grown exponentially year after year, without fail, like clockwork!

What's their secret?

They all own their own mailing lists that they've built over time. And when you own your own list you control your financial freedom...Period!

By not having a list, you'll be working twice as hard and making less than half the money that you could as successful Internet marketer with a decent opt in List. Studies say that only 1/10 Internet marketers are actually going to earn enough money to make a living from their efforts.

Only 1 out of 10.

Surprisingly enough, 90% of these failing Internet marketers admitted to not even having a list or ever owning a list for that matter!

This is staggering! 90% of the Internet marketers that failed admitted to not even attempting to build a list. There's several reasons for this beyond being flat-out lazy.

Most marketers associate building a list with having to wait for money. In other words we've gotten spoiled with the process of being able to place ads on the PPC networks in the morning and turn a profit by that same afternoon.

The thought of spending money to build a list while waiting to profit several weeks later just turns off a lot of failing marketers. They always say that they'll do it later but end up never getting around to it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As you'll soon see this is a huge misconception.

List building done right is very very simple. You just need to have the right system in place. As a matter of fact the list will get to the point where it builds itself along with the profits that it generates on a daily basis.

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