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Last as Long as You Want In Bed

Here's an obvious fact that all men can't help but know is true - all women judge how we perform in the bedroom.

And there's one "statistic" that every women pays attention to.  If you can't last long enough in bed to satisfy the girl you're sleeping with, she's left frustrated and disappointed while you're left facing the embarrassment.....

Two simple sentences from Melissa, a girl who was part of a recent focus group I attended sums it all up:
"If a guy can't even last ten minutes than what's the point?  That's the kinda guy I laugh about with my friends when we have girls talk........"
And she's definitely not alone in thinking this way.....

Catch any girl in a moment of honesty and she'll tell you the same thing.  If a guy can't last a decent amount of time in the bedroom, there's a part of her that's flat-out disappointed.

They may not ever say it out loud after sex, but they're wishing that sex could last longer.......

And heck - we can sympathize.  Every man has been in a situation where they are left "teased" or turned on without being able to achieve an orgasm.
It leaves you frustrated and disappointed.

It's no different with women.  As much as we may hate it as times, it's a proven fact that a woman needs more stimulation and a longer sexual experience than a man in order to be satisfied and achieve an orgasm.


If you finish too quickly, you're not giving her what she needs.....

Sadly, most men aren't able to last long enough in the bedroom.  They simply don't have enough control over when they orgasm.
We've all experienced that embarrassing moment of having an orgasm within just a couple minutes......

It's an extremely humbling experience.  You never know what to do - should you apologize?  Make up an excuse?  Hope that she didn't notice?

If there's any "good news", it's that over half of all men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.  You're not alone.
And better yet, it's something that can not only be fixed, but permanently cured so you never have to worry about facing the embarrassment of premature ejaculation again.
Most guys just figure that there's nothing they can do to "fix" the problem.  They might try different so-called "tricks" to delay when they orgasm, but these don't solve the problem.
You can't just start thinking of golfing or your grandmother during sex to try to fight off an orgasm!  Almost every guy has heard of this tactic but we all know it doesn't actually work.......
Here's the thing - you don't have to be embarrassed if you don't last long in bed right now.


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