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Keyword Research Software

Now, you may have been reading lately about the new FTC rules and regulations for online businesses. The law requires anyone stating or showing income results, like you see above and below, to use this disclaimer, even though they are true and documented with proof: These results are not typical, and your income or results, if any, will vary. We obviously do not guarantee or imply that by using our software you will get rich or make any money at all.

Note: This tool was made to make you money and grow your business to levels you never thought were possible. So, I'll skip the "product feature" mumbo jumbo and tell you in simple terms what this will do for you. You'll...

Dominate Niche Marketing: Know exactly what the "money keywords" are. The keywords that BUYERS are searching for! Use these keywords to increase your sales. Nothing else will show you these.

Dominate Google Adwords: Instantly... Yes, and I said instantly, AND with very little money by seeing who is already running a profitable Adwords campaign AND then "borrow" their entire Adwords marketing strategy shown by the software for your own profitable campaign!

If you don't understand Google Adwords, it doesn't matter. The software is Fool Proof. It had to be if I was going to use it!

Dominate The Search Engines: Increase the amount of traffic to your site that you're getting now, WITHOUT paying a dime.

And there are literally HUNDREDS of completely different ways this new tool will allow you to do those things... Ways that I 100% guarantee you have never heard of and didn't think were even possible. It WILL blow your mind, so read below as I show you specifics.
Would you believe me if I said...


Traffic is NOT necessarily the key to online success?

That's right... Traffic is NOT the key to making money on the internet. You have to have the RIGHT traffic. Traffic that is full of "buyers"... I'm sure you would agree that there is a HUGE difference between a browser and a buyer.

98% of people THINK they're getting the right kind of traffic, which leaves 2%. Of those 2%, 1% get's only a small portion of the right kind of traffic, and...

Only the top 1% of all online marketers actually know how to
get this masssive money making "buyer" traffic.

(Just 1 of our websites that's averaging 170,000+ "buyer" visitors per month with the help of this tool!)

... and THAT is what our brand new software program is all about.
It all sounds obvious... and it is. But, stupid me learned this the hard way. Let me tell you quickly what happened...

Way back in 2002 when I began marketing on the internet, I created a website in the health and fitness niche.

I had no idea how to get traffic to my website, but had heard of people getting traffic from Google and Yahoo. I stumbled across a "search engine optimization" forum and spent quite a lot of time there.

Over the year I quickly become an SEO expert. I followed all of the advice and strategies I'd learned by reading through the forum.

By the end of the year, my weight loss website was ranked #1 in Google for an insane amount of super highly traffic keywords. I'm talking about keywords that are probably searched for more than most all other words in the world!


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