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How to Write a Million Dollar Usp

business world is fierce. Only the strongest survive. In this dog-eat-dog world, at times you can even feel your competition's breath at the back of your neck. You need all the help you can get and every advantage possible to make your life easier.

     Your competition is probably a nuisance. They steal away your customers and clients. They are a constant hassle that burns at your belly and grinds you down, endlessly torturing you with worries that keep you awake at night. You are always having to plan your next strategy to increase sales and fight them off, and it's wearing you down. They are an absolute pain in the as* that costs you time, energy, sales, and money and you wish there was something you could do about it ...

     Something final, something GRAND, something ULTIMATELY POWERFUL and competitively CRUSHING that would bring you to an entirely different level of operations where you weren't competing with anyone any more, could PAUSE to take a breather for a change, take a VACATION every once in a while and start floating through life with more CASH and enjoyable flow.

     You know that because of competition your business is at stake. Your livelihood is at stake, too, ... your health is at stake and your peace of mind needs a booster. There are loans to be paid, suppliers to placate, employees need to be told what to do, stress has got to be gotten rid of and your customers need to be convinced to stay with you rather than buy what they want elsewhere. You're tired of hearing clients ask for lower prices when you are already doing the best you can and FRANKLY, you know that lower prices aren't going to solve your problems.

     You need that ANSWER.

"'Four Letter Words' Ain't Gonna Win You No Business Because What You Really Need Is This 'Three Letter Word' (the USP) That Will Have You Laughing All the Way to the Bank"

    Like all businesses, you want a steadier stream of customers, better CASH FLOW and more profits but you know that even if you service your customers better than your competition, if you don't find a special NICHE and perfect your message and get it out there then you won't be around for long.

     The problem is, no one is hearing your message as is, and it might not be the right one in the first place. You need a way to both find your market niche and come up with the optimal message of unique selling points that will maximize your profits.

     Today it's not the business with the best product or service that WINS, but the business with the best marketing that wins. You need to develop a specialized reputation to bring in the customers and cash like clockwork. So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to FIGHT BACK and claim those customers and an easier life that's due you? How can you make your advertising cut through all the chatter?

     You need a way to find a highly profitable competitive market niche and claim "top of the mind" awareness for all those potential customers out there, because you want them to think of you FIRST.

     You need a way that you become KNOWN as the only logical, rational, viable choice for supplying your type of goods and services.

     You need some way that buys you higher prices and profits without any customer objections.

     You need a way to get customers EXCITED about buying from you and forgetful of your competition, something that will weld them to you with a loyalty that cannot be broken.

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