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How To Give Up Alcohol

Let's get to the point here. You know you need to stop drinking.

I'm not talking about a drink here or there. I'm talking about the constant drinking - where you need to do it or you won't be able to get through the day.

The kind of drinking where you are using it to help you relax or as a treat to look forward to.

The kind of drinking where you are starting to alienate your friends, family and co-workers.

The drinking which hurts you and the people you love. The drinking which changes your character and halts your goals.

Where you are drinking way too much each night and being a parent you have to last and need to be healthy for years to come.

The drinking where you are risking your health and where alcohol has become a crutch in your life because it is giving you a false sense of enjoyment and relaxation.

This is the kind of drinking I am talking about.

You've tried to stop, but you can't...

Why is that?

If you can't stop drinking, I want to be clear, it's really not your fault.

It's not that you haven't wanted to, it's not that you haven't tried - it's just that you haven't had the right information.

In just a moment in this letter - I'm going to share with you:

    * Some easy to use ways for you to control your drinking once and for all
    * How you can work out the causes of your drinking - and what you can do about them
    * How you can reverse the damage alcohol has been doing to your brain

I'm going to reveal how you can quickly and easily quit your drinking for good.

I'll tell you about that in a minute but first I want to tell you about my story - why I can relate to this and how I personally know about the damage problem drinking can cause.

My Boozy Life - A Short History

Hi, my name is Rahul Nag and my whole life I had problems with alcohol.

From heavy bingeing at college through to boozy lunches and nights out at the height of my career, alcohol played a major part in my life.

It seems like I was always making excuses to drink or that if I wouldn't drink, I would be labelled boring, a 'spoil-sport' or party killer.

I have to admit I found going out and drinking fun and enjoyable...

...until I would wake up the next day with a splitting headache and a vague recollection of making a complete fool of myself the night before.

If you thought that was bad - it only gets worse...

In the summer of 2001, I was made redundant. I was bored, lonely with unsure job prospects and alcohol seemed like the answer to my problems.

But when I did drink, I made an idiot of myself and would get awkward looks and feel ashamed of going back to the same places.

But all this paled into comparison to the night that would change my life forever and drive home just how big a problem this had become.

But I'll tell you about that in a minute. First. let's talk about you some more.

    * Do you feel like when you start drinking, you can't stop?
    * Do you feel like you need alcohol to be able to relax and de-stress?
    * Are there times when you wake up the next morning and feel really bad physically and regret what you did or might have done the night before?

If you feel some of these things, then I can relate to you because that is exactly how I felt about alcohol.

Back to my story. I was on the top-deck of a famous London double-decker bus after a long night of drinking, when suddenly it hit me.

The most humiliating night of my life

I felt my stomach begin to churn, my oesophagus react violently; I knew I was going to be sick.

I raced to the bottom of the bus to get off as quickly as I could trying to tell the driver that I needed to get off.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it...

...The doors took too long to open and I ended up vomiting all over the bus.

I still vividly remember the shock and the looks on the faces of the other passengers.

A mixture of shock, disgust and horror as they desperately tried to ignore the stench of the fumes coming up from my sick.

I was in shock because I couldn't believe I was the person I had become the person I used to detest the most...

...someone who had lost control of themselves and let alcohol ruin their lives and make a fool of themselves in public.

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