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How To Build Your Own Solar Panels For Less Than $200

Stop Paying High Electric Bills!

There are many people today who are building their own solar panels; I realized this when I visited my brother during the holidays and noticed he built his own solar panels, and he told me he did it for less than $200. I had to know how!
Imagine... No Monthly Electric Bill,
AND No Costly Contractor Fees!

When I first started looking into all this I quickly realized that solar power was going to be VERY expensive, I had to find an alternative. A local company told me it would cost me as high as $27,000! At that rate, it would be years before I actually recouped my costs in energy savings. I didn't see the point.


I knew if I figured out a way to produce my own solar energy then I could avoid paying these sky high prices that local companies where asking. What shocked me was how simple and affordable the whole process was.
Thousands of People Are Already Taking Advantage!

Think about it. Thousands of people have already taken it upon themselves to build their own solar panels, but who knew a DIY solar panel project could be so easy and so affordable?

Building your own solar panels is one of the most rewarding DIY projects you could ever tackle, and it was with this thought in mind that I decided to develop a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to build their own solar panels.

After some searching I got in touch with an expert in building homemade solar panels, and with the help of my brother and my new found contact I refined the process and developed this easy-to-use guide that anyone can use without having any technical experience whatsoever.

"The Best DIY Guide Out There!"

Not only is my GreenPoweredHome guide comprehensive, it is written in terms that anyone can understand. With GreenPoweredHome, your whole family can work on this project together.


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