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Home Made Power Plant

You Might Be Wondering Who I Am And
What Exactly Am I Talking About...

My name is Frank Patrick and ever since I was a boy I was fascinated by the power of nature. I remember that I used to spend countless hours out in nature just admiring the sound of the wind, the clouds and the sun.

I've been also fascinated by the enormous potential in the sources of alternative energy that nature offers us every day but we're not smart enough to collect it on a large scale. When I say alternative energy I mean: the power of wind, the power of sun, biodiesel and ethanol that are totally FREE and don't harm the environment.

I like to think that I've read all about alternative energy in all the years I've been investigating it; how it's collected, how it can be produced and what devices we need for capturing it from nature. The more I investigated it the more obvious it become to me that everybody can produce their own electricity at home.
Windmill Harnessing Free Energy From The Wind

Driven by this idea I decided to go beyond and wanted to design and create my own plans for generating electricity as easily as humanly possible. After finding the solution...the miracle happened. I implemented all the models on my home and the results amazed even the most skeptical friends.

Since the energy solutions I came with are environmentally friendly and reduce air pollution...I decided to take my plans public and to help any man or woman who is interested in discovering how to save hundreds of dollars each month... This is how "Home Made Power Plant" was born.

Basically my book will teach you how to convert the limitless power of wind and sun into electrical energy and to build your own energy devices at home with less than $200. That's very cheap considering that you'll recover the money you've invested within the first month.


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