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Home Made Energy - Hot Product, Best Diy Offer!

If you would like to eliminate your electric bill while using all the power you want by going “off the grid”…

… become immune to rising energy costs…

… or even join the growing number of “energy independent” households receiving checks in the mail from the electric company… then this letter will show you how.

"Here’s what this is all about…"

Right now, you’re one of millions of consumers paying an average of $175… $200… or more… for electricity every month. And the cost of flipping a light switch is only getting higher.

In fact… electricity costs are 53% higher than they were just few years ago… and the federal government expects prices to rise almost 3% just this year alone!

And since the feds stopped regulating how much electric companies can charge you… where you live could be costing you a small fortune - depending on your state you could be paying twice as much as residents the next state (or even the next town) over.

The worst part is… you can shop around to pay less for gas at the pump… but you usually can’t just “switch” electric companies.

"You’re Stuck With The Local Monopoly, And They’re Free To Hike Your Bill Month After Month, Year After Year."

Right now, there are over 100,000 homeowners nationwide who aren’t paying the same kinds of electric bills you are.

Some of them pay nothing at all… and some of them make money from their local electric company every month like clockwork.

These homeowners are taking action to make their own power (and reduce their “carbon footprint” to almost nothing in the process) and they’re doing it easily… cheaply.. and safely.


"The Difference…"

There was a time when I thought going “off the grid” meant either cutting the electricity I used to the bone (and feeling guilty every time I left a light on when I left the room)…

… OR paying thousands ($10,000 and up even after tax credits) to replace even a fraction of the electricity I consumed from the local electric company.

But as an engineer, I put my mind to discovering another way. A different way. A new way to take the latest green energy technology and make it work for me -- without the huge costs.

Today my family and I have access to all the free electricity we know what to do with… we no longer feel guilty about every single light we turn on… we get to feel good about doing “our part” for the environment (at no cost to us or our lifestyle)…

… and oh, yeah - last month, we used some of the money we would have sent to the electric company before… to take a family vacation!

What I discovered about how to make my family energy independent has not only cut our “carbon footprint” down to almost zero… it’s allowed us to finally say “no thank you” to the power company’s outrageous rate hikes…

… and tap a whole new stream of extra cash month after month.

And the good news is…

"I Know Exactly How to Get YOU There Too!"

I’m talking about cutting a minimum of 70%... 80%... heck, even 100% of your electric bill - heck, even feeding electricity back into the grid if you want to (I’ll tell you why you should in just a minute)…

… saving you money every month and giving you a sense of true independence at the same time.

And the whole process of getting yourself “off the grid” for good is so simple that with just a few basic tools, getting the same technology that costs most people tens of thousands...

"All Becomes Amazingly EASY To Do Yourself!"

So if you feel ready to put just a little “sweat equity” into an asset for your home that could save your family thousands (the average family pays as much as $2400 a year for electricity)…

… and could even raise your property value by $30,000 or more in the process (without adding to your property taxes)… then let’s get started.

Here is what I got for you:  I’ve perfected my system for easy “do it yourself” solar and wind energy and turned it into a program.


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