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Hit Gold Cap

Tired of hunting for World of Warcraft gold? Tired of gold guides telling you how to do everything but make gold in decent chunks? What good is all that strategy if the end result is a big pile of nothing? Hours of your life spent each day to get…what….500, 1000, 5000 gold? What does that much gold even buy you these days?

A single mount?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Gold making isn’t what it used to be. With inflation, the mountain of really cool stuff and Blizzard’s ongoing quest to turn everything in sight into a giant gold sink, it’s impossible to feel like you ever have enough gold.

That is, unless you have all the gold. You’ve probably heard tell of the legendary gold cap – the artificial limit put into the game by Blizzard for the sake of easy math that keeps players from making more than 214,748 gold. You may even have heard of people tapping this amount and being stuck – with nowhere to go but down.

What a horrible problem to have, huh?

Get ready to be horrified because I’m about to make that problem yours and yours alone with the world’s best guide to hitting the Gold Cap in World of Warcraft.

It’s Time to Hit the Gold Cap

I won’t bore you with details on how broke I was in World of Warcraft. Let’s just put it this way, I started where you all started, with nothing. And, eventually I learned how to have a heck of a lot more than nothing. Today, I’ve hit the gold cap on three different characters and am rolling hard to the cap on a fourth. And no, it’s not a cheat, hack, or some other sneaky nonsense.

I’m doing it, fair and square and using methods Blizzard has given their express written consent to use.

Which is why I’m here. I didn’t just hit the gold cap – no that would be too easy. I wrote down everything I did and crafted it into the ultimate game plan to hit the gold cap that will work for anyone. This isn’t just another gold cap story meant to make you swoon with jealousy.


This is the real deal and you’re about to learn what it takes to dominate the Auction House in ways you never thought possible.

It’s time to become the single richest player you know, and it starts by throwing away those old gold guides and learning how the real masters hit the gold cap.

Hit Gold Cap’s 5 Step Process to Infinite Riches

Here’s the thing. World of Warcraft is expensive these days. You need a LOT of gold to get anything done. Just the new crafting patterns in Patch 3.3 can cost you over 20,000 gold to make. Think about what those things are selling for.

So, having 50,000 gold is not what it used to be. But, what about 214,748 gold. And what about having that much gold on as many characters as possible, all of them storing it so that whatever you want can be yours on any character, any realm, any faction, any time.

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That’s what Hit Gold Cap was designed to do and that’s what I want to show you today – the world’s best course to skip the mindless farming and start making gold in epic volumes, far more than silly things like farming Eternals or running Daily quests could ever afford you.

If making gold was a cake walk, we’d all hit the gold cap. The other methods don’t work. They just promise you a “lot” of gold and then disappoint each and every time. If you’re really serious about hitting the gold cap, you need to go beyond the conventional knowledge. You need to start thinking like a pro – like someone who doesn’t just understand the Auction House, but who can dominate it.

And my only requirement before we get started? Start up your account, create a Level 1 character, and go make 10-20 silver. Done? Then you’re ready to start your quest toward the Gold Cap.

Yeah…it’s that easy.


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