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Hands-Free Residual Membership

If you're like many people, you've tried to make money online - perhaps with little results to show for it.

You heard making money online was easy, but is it? The answer is that it's very possible if you have something people want AND you know what you're doing.

And, if you haven't been successful at internet marketing yet then chances are you jump from opportunity to opportunity...This behavior will kill your dreams!

If that is you then you have to stop it!

The truth is that there is a ton of ways to make money online. In my opinion, membership sites are by far the easiest way to make a decent recurring income that fuels your chosen lifestyle.

So let me ask you this...

Wouldn't it be nice if there was proven system that's easy to follow,
quick to create, and pays you before you finish creating it?

Well, there is!

In just a few short moments from, I'm going to reveal the ultimate "Hands-Free" system for launching residual income generating membership sites with lightning speed... and do it for less than $200 in total.
Who Knew A $147 Dying Product Could
Be Turned Into A $240 System?

My name is Sal Vannutini, and I've been successfully creating and selling info-products online for over 6 years (just Google my name and you'll get the idea). I've authored 2 books on real estate investing and been a co-author on another bestselling real estate book. I've created over a dozen info-products and 9 membership sites.

Now, this isn't about me telling you how good I am, it's about helping you. So I just wanted to show you that when it comes to the internet and content creation... I know what I'm talking about.

Up until the recent global recession and ensuing real estate market collapse, my info-product on real estate investing was one of the Top 5 sellers on Clickbank. Life was good, but I had no idea of the storm which was brewing.

Things were about to change, and I didn't fell the noose tightening around my neck until suddenly - almost overnight - my sales dried up. It was the business equivalent of being hit by a Mack truck traveling at 100 mph!.

And the reality was...

I had all of my online eggs in one basket. And when that basket got crushed by the economy... I had nothing.

I was forced to diversify. I needed to find a better way to make money on line. I needed a quick solution, and it had to be affordable to set up.

The search led me far and wide, until one day I came across, "fixed-term" memberships (thanks to Jimmy D. Brown). It looked easy enough, and I already had a ton of content at the ready.

So with nothing to lose, I set about creating my first membership site and test it out for myself. The results blew me away!

My first membership site allowed me to turn a $147 dead and buried product into a 12 month membership program, for $19.97 per month. In other words, by splitting up my content into smaller weekly steps, I am now able to earn up to $240 per member.

I was able to duplicate this system and create a total of 6 niche-memberships in 2009... I beat the recession and quickly got my income back to $10k per month (sometimes more - sometimes less).

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