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get targeted traffic

    Keep reading and I will share with you the secrets of this incredible system. You will be amazed at everything it has to offer

    One of the biggest mistakes 90% of all online marketers make is not measuring their promotional response rates. Why would you continue to promote through resource abc when you are getting no response from it?

    Wouldn't you rather want to spend less time promoting by making use of only those resources that bring in results? How much have you already wasted on so-called professional services, not knowing if it really works?

    Most people have heard of link tracking, but don't know how to use it. Not anymore. I have made it so easy that even a child could do it.
 With an ad tracking link you will know:

How many people clicked on your banner ad

How many people clicked on your signature tag

How many people read your email or newsletter

Of any fraudulent clicks in your PPC advertising

How successful your online and offline campaigns are

The best places to advertise

If piracy is being committed on your website

The results of an auto responder campaign

Which campaign delivers the best results.

The time, date, IP Address Operating System and user agent of the person who
clicked on your link

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