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Fat Loss Workouts

Would you like to lose fat faster than ever before without having to go to a stinky, dirty, overpriced mega-gym and without be forced to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment that just turns your house into cluttered mess of exercise machines, benches, balls, and dumbbells?

Or if you’re sick and tired of driving to and from the gym everyday, wasting time competing for dumbbells and bench space, or putting your name on a waiting list for cardio equipment, then get ready for the solution to your workout and fat loss problems.

kettlebell workoutsYou’re about to discover a proven workout system that will sculpt your body, burn belly fat, rapidly increase your strength and fitness, and dramatically boost your self-confidence – all in less than 120 Minutes Per Week while using only a small piece of exercise equipment that can be stored under your bed, in your closet, the trunk of your car, or even behind a houseplant in the corner of your living room – and there’s no assembly required.

 But what happens when you combine this revolutionary piece of fat burning exercise equipment with the world’s most powerful and popular home workout fat loss system – Turbulence Training?

The answer is rapid fat loss at any age using the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution Workouts.

 You’ll be able to workout ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with the NEW Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System in your favorite location wearing your favorite clothes while listening to your favorite workout tunes…and you’ll still get better results than any machine could ever give you – GUARANTEED.

 As you know, Turbulence Training has been used by thousands of men and women through Craig Ballantyne’s website and online videos, plus millions of men and women who have read about Craig’s programs in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Oxygen, and even Prevention magazine.


Since 1999 Craig has been using his proven system to help busy men and women from age 18 to 81 burn fat in the comfort of their own homes. And along the way, Craig has secretly been teaching his system to a handful of select trainers – including me, Chris Lopez, the first-ever Certified Turbulence Trainer.

 However, Craig wasn’t always a fan of my training methods and kettlebell workouts, as you’ll find out in the story below.

You’ll learn how we were first introduced and about the legendary, afternoon-long caffeine-fueled debates we had over espressos (me) and Green Tea (him) arguing about the best way to help YOU burn fat in less workout time than ever before.

 I’ll tell you the whole story about fighting with Craig in a minute, but first…

Despite the undeniable success and effectiveness of Craig’s Turbulence Training, Craig reluctantly admitted that some of his readers were frustrated by the need to have a bench, an exercise ball, a set of dumbbells, and even an awkward to use chin-up bar at home to do the workouts. His system, no matter how powerful for fat burning, just could not always be used by folks with a limited budget or storage area in their homes.

In fact, living in tiny condo in downtown Toronto, Craig himself – the creator of the world’s most powerful home fat loss workout system – was unable to store these essential pieces of exercise equipment at home, and always had to go to a gym to do his workouts (until he borrowed his first kettlebell in 2005).

Craig needed a solution to the exercise equipment excuse…and eventually called me up and practically demanded I get certified in his Turbulence Training System so that I could bring you the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts.
Dear Friend,
My name is Chris Lopez, RKC, the ORIGINAL Certified Turbulence Trainer and Your Kettlebell Revolution Expert and with the help of world-famous Turbulence Training creator and Men’s Health Magazine Expert, Craig Ballantyne, you’re about to discover how you can burn fat and transform your body using the proven Turbulence Training for Fat Loss System combined with high-intensity kettlebell exercises.
Give me just a few short minutes and you’ll discover how to lose fat with nothing more than a kettlebell and your own bodyweight – you won’t even need dumbbells, a ball, or even a machine for interval training.

You’ll discover my proven fat loss workouts and radically new fat burning exercises perfected over the last 100 years by Kettlebell masters…

But first, I need to know…How much frustration is the lack of a proven, structured working program causing you? How many days are you wasting trying to find 45 minutes or more to do a long, slow “so called fat burning workout”?

Do you know how fast could you burn belly fat and fit back into your old clothes if you finally had a done-for-you kettlebell workout program that was created for your fitness level? After years of working, this is finally going to be the workout that will help you shed that stubborn belly fat.

Plus, you can do kettlebell workouts inside or outside, at any time of the day, in a park or parking lot, or even in just a teeny, tiny amount of space in a corner of your house or the smallest of apartments, and in only 10-30 minutes.

cb-kettlebellwfwomen-final1You do NOT need to commit to an hour long kettlebell workouts class. And you’ll save hundreds of dollars by training at home with the Kettlebell Revolution workouts, rather than hiring an expensive instructor.

The TT Kettlebell Revolution Workouts are like nothing you’ve ever seen, watched, or possessed before, and are the result of combining a proven fat loss system – Turbulence Training – and a superior fat burning weapon – the kettlebell.

The combination is deadly for belly fat and perfect for busy men and women of all ages.

Trust me, I know, because I’ve been using kettlebell workouts for years…and I know what its like to be so busy that you can’t get a moment to yourself to think…after all, I have 4 kids, 2 business, and another baby on the way – heck, I’ve even trained with kettlebells in a hospital parking lot while my wife was in PRE-labor with our 5th child!
Unfortunately, the workout equipment industry and 2nd rate fitness magazines have convinced us that we need to exercise for an hour or else it isn’t worth our time.

And because so many of us have fallen for that lie, it has stopped millions of people just like you from getting the bodies they wanted.

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