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Facebook Cash Generator 2.0

    In fact, the system I have set up right now is SO powerful that it runs at 100% power on complete autopilot – whether I’m “working” on it or not!

    All I really do is log in to my ClickBank account once a week, check how much money I’m making and sit back and let the cash roll in!

    Now, you might be wondering…

    How the heck can you do that Kevin? What’s your secret to success?

    Here’s a hint:

    It is the NUMBER ONE most viewed website in the world and…

    On any given day, 42.7% of people will go to this site seeking to buy products…

    Do you know what it is?

    I hear gurus every day complaining that Google is only a small portion of the web and there are other traffic sources that are cheaper, easier to use and more powerful.

    I’m sorry, but whoever thinks that is DEAD WRONG.

    Here’s why Google is still the King…

    On any given day, Google logs about 2 BILLION searches. That’s 60 BILLION per month or 730 BILLION per year!
    Over 300 MILLION people use Google every single day.
    People LOVE to use Google to not only find information but to find things they want to BUY.
    Millions of people will instinctively go to Google when they want to buy something instead of going to other sites like Amazon.com and eBay.com.

    I mean, seriously. When it comes to getting visitors to your website Google is hands down your best solution.

    Nothing else is as easy to…

    Instantly get thousands of ready & willing buyers to open up their wallets and literally hand you money.
    Generate a HUGE passive income on complete autopilot within DAYS.
    Get server melting traffic numbers and affiliate paydays through the roof -- whether you’re working or not!

    I first got started in the “How to Make Money Online” industry in October of 2008, I was only 16 years old back then!

    I was promised so many things:

    “Hundreds of thousands of dollars… A complete life of freedom… Riches beyond my wildest dreams…”

    I couldn’t believe it! This was the goldmine I had always dreamed of!

    I got to work and boy did I ever work hard. I worked harder at making money online than I had ever worked on my homework. I’m not kidding.

    I locked myself in my computer room, spent literally HUNDREDS of hours learning how to make money online.

    I tried my very hardest. I put my best foot forward and went all in.

    And guess what happened?

    NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

    I knew something had to be wrong. What was I doing that wasn’t making me thousands of dollars?

    That’s when the brilliant idea of borrowing money from my mom was a good idea (yeah right…)

    I approached my mom and politely asked her for $200 to spend on the latest internet marketing course.

    She immediately resisted and told me that it was a complete waste of my time and money.
    That’s where it got out of control…

    I literally started BEGGING my poor mother for the $200. I whined and complained to her. I just wouldn’t stop, that’s how badly I wanted that damn Study Course!


    She finally gave in after hours of my begging and I got the product I wanted.

    I kicked it up a notch and spent 5 hours a day learning and implementing the strategies in the course. I neglected my homework and hardly got any sleep.

    You can probably guess what happened next…

    I didn’t make a single dollar. Not even a single cent.

    I was devastated and felt like I wasn’t worth anything. So many gurus had promised me I’d have to be a complete idiot to not make money online and well, I felt like a complete idiot.

    I couldn’t return the product and get my mother’s money back either…

    Out of the 17 years I’ve been on this Earth that was probably the lowest point I’ve ever hit. I felt like I had just stolen from my own mother.

    Now, as you can imagine this made me extremely mad. In fact, I was furious! How could I put in SO much effort and not get any success? How could I try SO hard and not even make one stupid dollar?

    I hate to say it but I was so disappointed with myself that I gave up. Over the summer of 2009 I literally didn't spend a single minute on internet marketing.

    One day in late August I logged in to my email account one last time to shut it down and end my internet marketing nightmare forever…

    …And that’s when I discovered it.

    I had about 25 emails from different people telling me to go check out this brand spankin’ new method.

    It claimed to generate me about $10,000 per month which was much more believable than the $60,000 and $80,000 per month I had been promised before.

    So I sat down and spent an hour or two implementing the methods I learned.


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