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Extreme Cash Blueprint

These sites are built to last and deliver value to both your customers and the search engines!

When Rich first started building autoblogs, life was easy, you could just throw up scraped sites using datafeeds or tools that grabbed yahoo answers, youtube videos etc then add adsense and affilite products and sit back and watch the money roll in.

Well this just doesn't work anymore. Sites built in this fashion might make a little money for a couple of months BUT even if you spend hours or days even getting tons and tons of backlinks, Google et al will see them for what they are, automated trash! And once that happens and they get slapped or banned NOTHING you can do will revive them .

When Rich saw this happening he adapted and started testing. You see he is a both a testing freak and an experimenting junkie! Even now when his blog network is earning him thousands of dollars a month ( BTW all the work is done by his staff/outsourcers) he continues to test tweak and experiment with new tools strategies etc.

And guess what when he finds something that works or an existing strategy that can be tweaked all the Extreme Cash Blueprint members get the results of that testing and tweaking, for life!

The only similarity between those early blogs and now is the concept is still the same. You are not looking to spend days and weeks building blogs that make you big bucks you ARE however looking to build lots of blogs that make small bucks.

You see the idea is to cast as wide a net as possible because there is a huge secret here that 95% of the blogging courses out there don't tell you or maybe they don't even know because they don't really DO this stuff they just talk about it. What is this secret?

Discover The Secret No Full Time Autoblogger Will Tell You

If you build as many blogs as you can there is a truly breathtaking by-product. Yes you make money with them all but just as important is you are going to find REAL cash cow keywords!! Not what google lets you know or any keyword tool but REAL undisputable money making keywords that you can see with your own eyes the kind of traffic they can bring.

And these are long tail keywords that nobody else uses because google tells them they are not worth going after then you take that keyword and build a blog targeting that keyword and that is when your profits can go through the roof!

Generally speaking these Hybrid Auto Blogs take about 1 hour to setup and promote which is spread out over a month and you can expect to make $15 or more a month with each and obviously when you find the keyword gems this number will rise dramatically.

Skip One Trashy TV Program a Night and You Could be Earning $5400 A Month

Now lets just ignore the profit pulling keywords these blogs will uncover for you. $15 a month may not sound a lot but it only takes an hour. So if you do some math and spent just 1 hr a day building these blogs then at the end of the month you would have 30 blogs making you $450 a month. End of month 2 $900 a month and by the end of a year $5400 a month! Just skip one trashy TV program a night and this could be yours.

So what exactly are these Hybrid Blogs I keep mentioning? Well about 2 years ago Rich and I sat down to examine what was working and what wasn't and we realised that our 3 main blog formats had all dropped off slightly. We decided to try and mix the three together in one format, taking the best parts and getting rid of those that were causing problems.

6 months later after some incredibly intensive testing the Hybrid Blog was born and we haven't looked back since. Every single month since we incorporated the Hybrid blogs our incomes have risen. Simply put they work!

So you want to see a screenshot and some proof. Well neither Rich nor myself ever divulge our sites and accounts because we have seen to many people get burned by competitors etc, just ask the big name guru who just had a ton of his sites banned by adsense and google. However one of our beta testers stepped up to the plate and here is a quick look at what she is achieving.

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