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Email Promos Exposed

I'll tell you, as much as I love Internet marketing... my biggest thrill is still the moment after I send out one of my killer emails to my list, sit back, and within a few minutes, watch the sales pour in like crazy. I tell you, on those days, I can get pretty addicted to checking my email, because every time I do, there's more money in there!

You see, anyone can write an email promo, but not everyone can write a promo that actually makes money. Your success as a marketer is almost always determined by how well you can "work your list".

And that's why I believe you're gonna LOVE this.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Michael Rasmussen, and I've just created a set of video tutorials called "Email Promos Exposed - How to Write Killer Email Promos That Get Results!" that will walk you through the process of creating your own killer email promotions that bring in boatloads of cash. (click here for instant free access to the videos now if you're in a hurry).

You see, I've figured out a simple formula for creating email promotions that make an obscene amount of money. I wish I could say that I carefully created this formula after years of testing, but I didn't.

I Stumbled Onto This Formula By Accident!

And that's why it's so embarrassing for me to share this with you. You see, everyone seems to think that I have some kind of magical ability to put words together, but I really don't. I'm a regular person, just like you, who happened to stumble across a powerful method for writing email promos that get results.


It's true! I used to send out plain old boring promo's just like everyone else, and then one day I decided to try something different. I decided to write my next promo using a very specific format, because I was curious if it would make a difference.

And boy, did it ever! That promotion brought in thousands more than all my previous ones. I was excited, but I wanted to test this "formula" out again on my next few promos, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Long story short... I hit one home run after another, after another, after another... and I've never looked back since.

But this letter isn't about me, it's about you. What if I told you that, in less than 60 minutes, you could possess an almost-magical ability to create email promos that make you money whenever you want? (I could easily charge a fortune for this information considering the money you will make, but it's yours today at no cost.)

Just imagine how you'll feel knowing that whenever you need money, you can just dash off a quick email to your list, and just sit back and watch the sales roll in.

That's the kind of success that I enjoy, and now I want to teach you how to have it too!

But before I tell you about these amazing new videos I've put together for you, let me answer the obvious question that's on the table right now



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