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Dry Cell Plans

Now the question that must be popping into your mind (since I am sure you have seen other EBooks about HHO)... Why Dry Cell Plans over Them??? Well, I am here to tell you why. We are the ONLY EBook on the internet that has updated information on the newest technologies on HHO. The others are using technology that is years old! Where are the updates?

The Dry Cell is the newest technology in HHO, period! The Dry Cell is over 100% more efficient than their wet cells! Our dry cell produces 1 liter per minute for every 10 AMPs, versus their 1 liter per minute for every 30 AMPs.

Do you want some "Mickie Mouse" set up or the real deal? Theirs has heating issues, ours don't. With their set up you will most likely melt the electrodes right through the PVC!!! This will cause you to have to rebuild and rebuild, getting frustrated and not acheiving the results that you set out for!

With Dry Cell Plans we have brought to you the newest technologies available. No over heating issues! No melting of the electrolyzer! No electrodes falling through the PVC! Dry Cell Plans is 100% more efficient, more durable, and of higher quality than theirs!

They don't tell you where to find the parts to their systems! They don't tell you the tools you need! We do!!! They just keep you guessing and make you more and more frustrated! We even show you how to order the parts to our system without even leaving your house!!! More information than ever before! There are NO SECRETS with Dry Cell Plans!

Now that you understand Why US over Them...
Are you ready to start saving money, polluting less, and enjoying more power?
Then look no futher, Dry Cell Plans is here for you!

Have you always wanted your own super efficient dry cell? You don't want to pay someone to build it for you? Searching the internet daily for detailed plans on how to do it yourself? Well, you have finally found the right spot on the net! Drycellplans.com is here to provide you with extensive plans on how to not only build your own dry cell but where to find the parts to do it!


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