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Deep Linker Pro Web/Link Directory Submitter

Dude where were you with this two years ago?  I spent about $150 and outsourced two of my sites to a recommended Directory Submission Service. I gave pretty much the same kind of info you required and two independent email addresses for tracking purposes.  For the two sites I received about 20 emails related to submissions.

After running Deep Linker Pro for the first time my email folder started to receive registration, ackowledgement and Confirmation emails directly related to the automated submissions.  That was impressive enough.

I then set about adding a second site.  I hit the submit button and went to bed.  This morning I have over 100 total emails like I described above. Granted, there is a human review element with some of these so now it is a waiting period.  But so far no rejections.

I must say from the time I started it I was impressed with the layout and you described EXACTLY what I needed to add.  Very easy to work with.

Tonight I will setup and process two more new sites that I just started working on.  This is now a staple of my setup operation for new sites as well as my older ones.

Engine traffic very attractive... even sexy? ;) I know I do!

But, my friend, we both know search engine traffic isn't easy to obtain; not a great deal of it anyway. It requires heavy search engine optimization (SEO) and the #1, most important aspect of SEO... the most crucial factor, is of course incoming links.

You see, I can tweak my pages and make them super-duper optimized for all of the top search engines, but without incoming links those pages aren't going to get ANY search traffic.


You know it and I know it. Backlinks are what we need if we want that free search traffic. So what do we do? We write articles, getting one or two links for each article we write. We spend hours, even days, writing compelling content hoping for the almighty "natural" links. We submit our sites to social bookmarking sites, most of which won't even be counted because many nofollow their links.

To sum it all up, we "bust our butts" working to get backlinks to our sites. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't.

But LISTEN, I don't like busting my butt. That's why for the past couple of years I've been outsourcing much of my work. But when I say outsource, I don't mean I'm paying others to actually do the work, that would be EXPENSIVE. I'm talking about paying others to develop tools that make the work quick and easy!

I Wasted approximately 1,008 HOURS of SOLID Work Time
doing something that Could have been Automated!

Yep, you read that correctly! For three entire years I devoted one hour every day, 7 days a week, to building links, until I got smart.

Where would my business be right now if I had spent those 1,008 hours doing something else while still getting the backlinks I was spending so much time to obtain? I GUARANTEE I would be making much more money right now!

You may be wondering what it was that I had developed... what saved me Thousands of hours... what made link-building so EASY, and I'm going to tell you, but first, I want to clear up a common misconception: That misconception is that Web Directories provide low quality links and/or that Google for one reason or another somehow discounts or lowers the value of directory links.

LISTEN, I've been marketing online for over 5 years now. Google and other search engines change very frequently, but I'll tell you one thing that never changes. If a Webpage that links to your site is Indexed and Assigned Authority by Google, IT'S going to be a BACKLINK no matter if it's a web directory, article directory or any other type of site!


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