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Create a years worth of follow-up marketing emails for any niche

  I have a jaw-dropping story to tell you. You may not believe me. In fact, some days I’m not sure I believe the whole thing.

After teaching elementary school for 17 years, I needed a huge break.  So I started studying internet marketing.

I set up a homeschooling website and grew a list.  But writing those newsletters each week was driving me insane.  It took 2 hours to write and format my emails every week. I dreaded it like the plague.

Finally, life got really chaotic, and I just quit sending out my newsletter. After all that work to build a list! It was just sitting on my hard drive as dry as a bone, not bringing me in one red cent.

Can you relate?  Perhaps you have your own neglected list.  Maybe you have a website and know that building a list and following up with subscribers puts more money in your pocket… but the thought of setting it all up and keeping it going prevents you from starting!

Well, some crazy thought hit me out of the blue – What if you could instantly create a year’s worth of emails to send to your list? Not newsletters, which folks just scan. Real emails that look like they’re coming from a friend – emails that people will open immediately because they love hearing from you. So began…

…two intense days of brainstorming every option to design a piece of software that would create 52 unique personalized emails for anyone who used it.  No one’s emails would ever turn out the same, even if they were in the same niche.

I wasn’t a fun person to live with those 48 hours.  Every time I thought the solution was at hand, it posed another set of problems. Finally…

…The light bulb flickered on!  After two long days, hundreds of combinations, and a headache the size of Texas, Eureka!  Problem solved. The labor was over, and Instant Niche Emails was born!

But that’s not the “jaw-dropping” part! Within two hours of sending out a message about Instant Niche Emails to my brainstorming list, I get an email from Jack Humphrey (Content Desk Guru). He wants to test out the software.

A couple days later I get a phone call from Jack. He’s ecstatic! “Who’s your programmer?” he asked.  “People have tried for years to make this happen, and just threw it aside as being impossible!”

“Uh, I don’t have a programmer.”


Jack was beside himself with disbelief. “You’re kidding??? Oh, my gosh, this is a miracle! This software was impossible to build!”

“Man, I’m glad I didn’t know that beforehand!” I laughed.

And so begins the entrance to a whole new world of communicating with your list without all the hassle of writing to them each week! Yep – you’re about to discover…
 How much would a rabidly hungry, loyal list of niche subscribers be worth to your business?

How about a dozen targeted lists that loved getting messages from you, trusted you, and bought regularly?

You could potentially double or triple your income on autopilot!

Think how incredible it would be to wake up every single morning and find your email box flooded with orders and affiliate payment notices – and all from your little website. Checking your inbox and finding it crammed with orders is the most electrifying feeling you’ll ever have – period!

That’s exactly what can happen when you start capturing the names and email addresses on your niche sites – forming a strong, trusting relationship and selling to them for years to come!

You’ll be in the driver’s seat of your business, realizing that multiple stream of income concept over and over.

See, most folks don’t buy from a website the first time they visit.  Marketing studies show that it takes six to eight times for an average potential customer to see your message before they buy.

You must capture the names and email addresses of your website visitors in order to make the most profits on the internet.  And that’s not even enough!

It's one thing to get them to visit, it's another to get them in, establish a relationship and get them to buy from you.

Follow-up Marketing is the name of the game.  If you're not following up with your website visitors, you're losing untold amounts of money! Listen, would you burn your retirement fund? Well, that's exactly what you're doing if you're not following up with the folks who visit your website.

So why don’t more marketers use this time-tested strategy?

It takes an enormous amount of time and effort! The hassle of laboring over what to say, how to word the messages...how to build that all-important relationship…

Let's face it - how many emails do you delete each day, simply because you know they're nothing but offers? Having a list, and mailing to them each week guarantees you nothing.


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