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Convert Gas Car to Electric

Gas prices are skyrocketing out of control. What is the solution? Convert your gas car to run ONLY on electricity for pennies per mile.

This is an easy process you can do on your own with a little work.
All the steps are numbered with diagrams to be easy to follow.

The conversion does not take too long, all you have to do is follow the simple plans I provide and in a month, you will cut your gas bill to zero!

Ever since the 70's I've worked closely with scientists and politicians to fight and save our planet from being destroyed by pollution. I've assisted them in creating eco friendly laws through fund raisers, protests, and other community activities.


I've also published more than 200 articles on about varying topics I've been interested in including electric cars, global warming, and more.

I work with mechanics around the country. They use my guide and electric car parts and kits.

Do you see how easy it is for you to own an electric car? If my kids and I can convert their cars so can you. The benefits are really amazing. You're saving the environment and more importantly you're saving money.

Gas prices are out of control and they show no signs of ever coming back down. What are gas prices now, $3.50 a gallon?

That's crazy! You agree with me don't you? We all can't afford to spend $200 a week just to get to work every day. It's time for a change and an electric car conversion is the answer.

Convert Your Gas Car Into an Environmentally Safe, Efficient, and Money Saving Electric Vehicle
Saving You Hundreds of Dollars on Gas Every Month...


The only guide you will ever need to convert your gas powered car to an electric vehicle.

With gas2electric You will learn:

Step-by-step: How to convert your car

What a conversion looks like with real pictures

How to drive for over 120 miles per charge

How to reach speeds of 50 miles per hour

How to find free used electric parts

All the tools you need

And much more...


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