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Cataclysmic WOW Blueprint Version 2.0

Well even before that really as I was there during the BETA testing of the original WOW release in 2004!

I have been there every step of the way making sure that I am one of the first to get to see the new content of each expansion.

Making sure that I have the latest season gear, and also making sure that I was part of the parties that ripped through the BIG raids and instances first!

And now I have been working my way through the Cataclysm content during the BETA to put together the ULTIMATE guide for anyone that wants an advantage on their server and to MASTER all of the new Cataclysm content!

Probably the most asked question I get since I received my Cataclysm BETA key is “What have I been up too?”
What Have I Found Out About WOW Cataclysm?


Well precisely what EVERYONE is looking to find out about the Cataclysm update!

You want to know about the new content in Cataclysm?

You want to know how you can level ALL the professions to the new cap of 525?

You want to know about the Mastery system added to the Talent Tree and get the best builds?

You want insider knowledge on the new races – Worgen & Goblin?

You want the FASTEST leveling path through Cataclysm from 1 to 85 with both new races?

You want a complete resource to Cataclysm that you can use to be one of the first to BEAT the game?

More than JUST A leveling guide... Let me show you how to MASTER all the new content!
You are probably thinking:

“How can you have completed and covered ALL of Cataclysm before it has even been released?”

“It’s Now What You Know It’s WHO You Know!”

I have been involved in World of Warcraft for about 5 years now and all that playing time has taught me a lot of things about the game but one more than any other:

How To Level EXTREMELY Fast!

I did it with the Burning Crusade expansion all the way to 70 – and was one of the first to hit the level cap.

Same with the WOTLK expansion I was able to rocket my toon to level 80 FAST – again one of the first to get to 80 on my server!


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