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Cataclysm Secrets

It’s been two years since  I blew the lid off Cataclysm and laid bare every detail you need to know to excel in the newest content. Well, it’s done now – Cataclysm has been beaten twelve ways from Sunday by millions of eager raiders.

Now, it’s time for the Cataclysm, and like never before players are just plain unprepared.

When I talk to players on the forums or in the local chat, I get question after question about things that you are going to NEED to know if you plan on being anything close to useful in the new content.

I’ve been around for a while. I played WoW when it was in its infancy. I remember the original Vanilla content (R.I.P) fondly, but those times are gone. The Cataclysm is here and that means new content, new enemies, new ways to get your butt handed to you if you’re not careful.

It’s been months since I first logged into Cataclysm and I can tell you one thing – this is going to change how you play the game forever. It’s been streamlined, overhauled, and chucked around so many ways, you may not even recognize what you’re looking at.

But, you’re sure as hell going to like it.

Well, you will if you keep reading anyways.


Because, I’m about show you how to be absolute best, top tier gamer in World of Warcraft, from the moment you step foot in Gilneas or Mount Hyjal to the second you shove your fist down Cho’gal’s throat. It’s time to dominate and Cataclysm Secrets is going to get you there.
 " It’s All About The Right Time At The Right Place "

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the better part of five and a half years and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s how to play at top speed through any aspect of the game... if that means hitting level 85 with three different characters in the first month of beta, I am there. If that means being in the first raiding party to take on Malygos in Beta and beat him, I was there.

And there are plenty of good reasons to be there... the new content you’re about to learn about in Cataclysm is easily the best content I’ve ever seen in WoW. It’s not just about getting in there and unlocking the secrets of a new game... it’s about having a whole lot of fun in the process.

When you pick up your copy of Cataclysm and step off of that boat or zeppelin in Northrend for the very first time, which situation do you want to be in?

      Do you want to wander around, take three months to hit Level 85 and miss out on most of the new content?


      Do you want to know where to go for your professions, which instances to hit up for the gear you need, and what changes have been made to every aspect of the game before you even boot up your account?

If you want to be anywhere near the peak of your server, raiding bosses on Heroic difficulty, landing your first heirloom items and defeating opponents in PvP with the latest Season gear you need a helping hand... an insight into the depths of everything that makes Cataclysm new.


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