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Auto Wealth Maker

What you're about to find out will change your life...


Because I'm about to blow all the bullshit out of the water, and give you the cold hard truth you've been looking for this whole time.

Let's make a deal:

I'll promise to up-front and honest about everything, if you promise that you're not going to run away and hide behind your Momma's skirt.


Okay. Let's get to it.

First thing:

Everything you're being told about making money online is wrong - really, horribly wrong. In fact, let me ask you a question...

... you've seen all the scammy products being thrown around, right? "Make 2 Billion Dollars Within 30 Seconds Of Clicking Your Mouse" - all that junk.

Well, here's a brutal fact:

(and you don't want to hear it I'm sure, but stick with me - you promised not to be a wussie, remember?)


Not what you want to hear, but it's about time someone stepped up to tell you the truth.

Bottom line, if you keep getting sucked into all the "3 click wonders", then you'll never get anywhere.


If you're serious about making actual cash - real, spendable cash, deposited into your account every week or so - then you really are in the right place.

Over the past year, whilst I've been watching all these idiots come and go with their shady software and other crap, I've been quietly raking in six figures a month using a system that I basically stole (more on that in a second).

It's quick, simple, and doesn't need any special skills.

Best of all, using this system you can create a profitable website in just 8 minutes and change.

And I'm about to reveal the whole thing to you, and show you how it works, step by step.

... I'm not about to insult you with some made-up story about strippers or "illegal" software or anything else ridiculous.

I promised to be honest with you, remember?

All I'll tell you is that I suffered long and hard before I found success.

Left school with zero qualifications, worked every crappy job you can imagine - dishwasher, short order cook...

Not exactly the rock n roll lifestyle I thought I deserved.

Before I got into this online stuff, I used to work for a big, faceless corporation. It sucked. My job was to basically file and type stuff all day. Not exactly the big leagues, you know?

And truth is, I didn't take it all that seriously. They paid me peanuts, so I behaved like a monkey. You know how that goes.

Now, these guys I worked for (you'd know it if I told you) were obsessed with maintaining what they called their "online presence".

And these guys were serious - no expense was spared, you know?

They'd spend, forty, fifty, sixty grand every month just to stay in the public eye.

Expensive "web guys", outside consultants, all kinds of stuff. Nothing was out of the question, or too much money.

But as the economy started to slow down, suddenly all that money had to produce something. or they'd face budget cuts. Something had to change.

So they hired a team of rocket-scientist programmers to create a suite of hardcore, cutting-edge software programs - software that would do all the crazy stuff they'd been throwing at these other guys to do...

After just 12 days it worked so well they fired all the outside guys... because this incredible new software was doing everything they needed.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about - I mean everybody was talking about this thing - so I persuaded one of my buddies to show it to me during my lunch break...

... and I had to admit, it was pretty impressive.

But I didn't care my life was going down the pan, and fast.

I was so hard up for money that I'd turned to the internet to see if I could make something happen. After all, you see all these ads everywhere, all these different guys promising to make you rich...

... and let's just say I'd fallen for just about everything you could possibly fall for.

I spent a ton - - MLM, pyramid schemes, crazy investment programs, all kinds of stuff. The same old junk that everybody falls for at first.

But when I stumbled into affiliate marketing...

You know, that one thing that's going to fix everything - give you the money and freedom you've always longed for.

And boy, did I struggle. I was so sure this was the way forward that I went at it hard... I tried everything - list building, paying for traffic, SEO, articles, Facebook, everything.

The only thing that happened was that my credit card took a massive beating.

I bought every product in sight.

And I'm not too embarrassed to tell you it was expensive.

But I just went with it. Didn't bat an eyelid when one credit card was maxed out. No sir, not a problem... I just applied for a new one.

And I did that over and over.

I mean, any minute now one of these shady schemes was going to make me a million bucks, right? So it didn't matter how much debt I racked up.

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