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The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

"I urge you to lock the door... take the phone off the hook...shut down your email and instant messenger...grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this message - because it's just that important!"

From: Russell Brunson
Date: Sunday, May 01, 2011

This letter isn't for everyone.  In fact, I know there will be people who unsubscribe from our list and get angry at us for even mentioning this.

I wish I could say sorry - but I can't.  I'll explain exactly why in one minute.
Here is my story about working with Vince...

You see about 4 years ago, my wife and I went on a cruise to celebrate my college graduation and also the news that we are having twin boys.  About a week before we set sail, I heard a rumor about a very controversial marketing book.

I figured it would be great reading on the plane so I ordered it and made sure it would be shipped to me before I left.  I got it the day we were flying out, and put it into my backpack.

We had a 4 hour flight, so while my wife watched "Madagascar" on the plane, I started reading the book.  After reading just the introduction I saw exactly what the hype and controversy was about.

Four hours later I was annoyed that we had to get off the plane because I wasn't finished reading the book.  Over the next 7 days of our cruise I read and re-read the book 3 times!

What I read in this book blew me away.  You see, the book was written by a 28 year old guy who made over $100 million dollars (yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION) in 23 months marketing a product that sold for just $60.

Do you think that someone who knows how to sell that much product could teach you something about selling whatever it is that you are selling?

Now I'm not going to bore you with my version of what this book is about. So I decided to let the book speak for itself by sharing part of the Introduction:

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