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Zero Cost Marketing Strategies

EEEEERCHHHH! STOP! Before you even think about wasting your time reading this sales letter, we need to get one thing straight – There is no such thing as "overnight success" and if you expect to make money online without doing any work, please leave the site now. We are sick and tired of "self-acclaimed" GURUS telling people that they can get rich overnight with their techniques. This is "BULL" and we want to put an end to this FALLACY!

Making money online DOES take work, and if you are not willing to put in a little effort, you will not make nearly the amount of money that we have. Leave this site now if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme because we do not have one of these to offer you as there is NO SUCH THING (unless you successfully rob a bank).

Are you still here? Great! Glad we are on the same page. If you love money you have come to the right place to learn how to make it online. We are going to show you how to create your own "money printing machine". If you are like most, you always dream of winning the lottery and striking it rich by purchasing one little ticket. We used to think like this until we realized that the Internet is basically the same thing – a heap of cash up for grabs for people willing to put in a little work.

Still here? Cool! We are going to show you how you to can begin "loving money" Right Now!

Our Story…

Before we get started we should probably give you a little background of exactly who we are and why you should listen to us. We began our journey online over 4 years ago as struggling students in college. With barely enough money to pay for our tuition, we decided that we would try this "Internet thing" out and see if we could make a few bucks online.

We both started out very slow spending very little on advertising but something amazing happened to both of us right away. We both worked very hard and within 6 quick months we were earning more than the Dean of the school. This may sound ridiculous, but it is not.


It's important that you know that we were very highly successful "AFFILIATE" marketers before we created the Wealthy Affiliate University and our three e-books.

So many people rely on Joint Ventures in order to earn huge amounts of money online (like most of these "GURUS"), but we DO NOT rely on Joint Ventures and have done virtually NONE to date. We tell it like it is, and have built our reputation based on our loyalty to producing QUALITY products and offering outstanding service and support (something that you probably are not used to).

We have personally coached thousands of people and helped them earn their first sales online as affiliates. We have also helped the same people create $100/day, $500/day, and even $2000/day businesses online with no prior experience! Many people who create an Internet Marketing product to sell online do not have first hand experience with the techniques they are teaching. We use the exact techniques that we teach in our own "live" marketing campaigns. Basically, you should listen to us because we "practice what we preach" - something that is very rare these days.

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