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Stop Paying Unnecessary Taxes

I am going to take advantage of this first strategy. It makes complete sense.

I also want to thank you very much for the opportunity to join this membership and I really believe it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am also very impressed by your Creating a New Business Entity report and plan to purchase your ... underground report and to also purchase your Internet Marketing Law Center forms in the future.... Thank you so much. After reading this I will be able to save some nice money every year and it's because of something I have always done anyways, but had no clue I could actually get money for doing it.

I highly recommend this. Everything is written so clearly that anyone can do the steps. I am very excited about the new information that will be released in the future and I believe this is one of the best [products] I have ever purchased.

This is real world tax information that you can take advantage of.

Very very impressed. Thanks."

          - Brent Jacoby

"This will save for anyone that uses it as it's explained.

And there is another report on the site, not just this main loophole. It explains and gives examples on anonymity that has gotten me excited about the many possibilities I can use to structure my business. This report makes me realize that a lot of the information I've been given in the past hasn't been as thorough as I was led to believe."

"I was truly surprised. The loophole is clearly explained in plain English and easy to understand. More importantly, it is not some obscure tactic that only relates to internet marketers or some unusual occupation....

Without giving away specifics, good prospects for this specific tax savings information are legitimate home office professionals like outside salespeople, network marketers, personal trainers, and virtually anyone who can properly structure their income generating activities to meet the tax code guidelines. (And NO, this has nothing to do with the well known home office deduction)....

All in all, an interesting and worthwhile product which should save money for many people."

          - David Johnstone

" I believe your [site] will help so many people."

          - Rina (Internet Sweetie)

"There are some great tax saving ideas in this.

For example, Brian just updated the site with another idea that takes minutes to set up, provides a business tax deduction and tax free money at the same time.

Brian has been around these parts for a long time. He's definitely one of the good guys. 
What I want you to do is take money out of your wallet or purse and put it in your right hand.

(Or just imagine this in your mind.)

This is money you earn from your business.

Hard earned money it took you years of learning and expertise to acquire.

Every accountant you know, and tax preparation software like TurboTax will tell you part of it belongs to the IRS. This is taxable income. It does not all belong to you.

Now, I want you take the money in your right hand, move your arm across your body, and put the money in your left hand.

You have now deducted the money from your right hand and now owe nothing.

But wait, you say, the money is now in my left hand, and my accountant tells me it is still taxable.


Your accountant has never has thought of this strategy.

The money in your left hand is NOT taxable.


Sure, there is a caveat.

You cannot do this with all of your business income. Only a few thousand dollars. (Some do this with tens of thousands of dollars, but let's not get greedy.)

You may be asking, Is this legal?

100 percent.

You may be asking yourself, how come I've never heard of this before?

It's not your fault. The fact is most accountants never bother to read the tax code. Seriously! If you have an accountant, ask them when was the last time they sat down and read the tax code from start to finish? They'll wonder what planet you're from.

The actual code is ridiculously complex. Millions of pages of obtuse sections that cross-reference like a plate of spaghetti dozens of other sections just to understand them. Plus regulations. Plus court rulings. Some of the code is so complex attorneys have had malpractice cases dismissed because the courts have said it is not reasonable to expect that anyone would understand the law.

The accountants secret is they rely on newsletters and books written by others about how to prepare taxes. These are not tax strategy books. To do your taxes they use programs like TurboTax.

Since this strategy is an unexpected twist on a statute intended for another purpose the strategy is simply missed.

According to one CPA and former IRS examiner,
"[P]eople don’t go and get the code. They depend on their CPA, they depend on their tax accountant or tax attorney or whatever. And these people were taught, just like I was taught in the university, basically nothing about the law and didn’t use the codes or regulations. At the school that I graduated from, we had one tax class, and all they taught us was how to prepare a tax return. We didn’t get into codes and regulations. When I was an IRS agent, we were taught using tables or publications that they put together and rarely even looked at the codes and regulations ...."

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