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Start a Foreclosure Cleanup or Property Preservation Company

The Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program Shows You:

How to start your own Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Preservation Business in 7 days or less for under $500...

    How you can turn just a handful of Foreclosure Cleanout jobs into a real, 5-figure-a-month Cleanup Business that continues to grow - all by itself - month after month...
How it's possible to make a profit in 3 different ways from the same foreclosed property and have the banks thank you for it...
How to provide superior trashout and preservation services so that you dominate the competition even IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CLEANING OR MAINTENANCE or running a business ...
How to get customers to chase you and fill up your service schedule (and your bank account) all week long ...
How to market your services to the right contacts (we give you the contact information!) and much, much more!
I even tried doing construction cleaning and model cleans.

But the problem with offering these services nowadays is that each and every customer is cutting back on services, often doing the cleaning themselves. And the construction cleaning industry is virtually non-existent (and likely will be for years to come).

Every month I was scrambling to pay my staff and to make my own personal ends meet. What was leftover? -- $0.

I realized that if I was going to grow my business, I had to look in different places for income.

When I noticed the number of foreclosed properties listed for sale on just about every street in my city, a light bulb went off in my head!

I did a bit of research and discovered that there are literally hundreds of thousands of foreclosed properties per month! In fact, in February this year, over 290,631 foreclosure filings (default notices, auction sales, notices and bank repossessions) were reported in one month!*

Yes, you read that right:

The enormity of the opportunity that lies before you: the property preservation industry is huge! The demand for cleaning out foreclosed properties and preserving them for future sale is becoming one of the fastest growing businesses in America.


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