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Real Estate Agents List Reo Property

Let's face it.  The Real Estate Market is in the DUMPS!  The banks aren't lending any money, increased competition is worse than ever, and deals are getting as scarce as oil.

Simply put, the real estate business today is getting harder than ever unless you discover the secrets for easily, effectively, efficiently, and affordably attracting bank asset managers and bpo companies to work with you, and give you endless BPO assignments and Bank REO Listings!

And please don't forget about Short Sales, thousands of agents across the country have learned the right steps to cashing in big on listing Short Sales!  I know you are thinking what a nightmare they can be.  And what you need to know is if you have the listing as a Short Sale there's a good chance that you could the listing as the REO agent too if you know the right things to say and do.  
In The REO kit I'll reveal this secret covert strategy to you.
It's actually very simple and once you realize the process and steps you need to take you too can be lining up at the bank cashing checks every week.  Inside the REO Kit we open the vault and provide the same step by step system that all the successful BPO, REO and Short Sale agents in your area are keeping a closely guarded secret!

Yes, it's true...I was once a struggling real estate broker in Orlando, FL  My name is Anthony Aires Gomes, and I go by Anthony Aires, because frankly it sounds sexier than Anthony Gomes plus it also honors my father, his name was Aires Gomes.

So anyways not to long ago during the real estate boom I was living high on the hawg.  I had sold a successful real estate brokerage that I co-founded in Downtown Boston, MA called REX Real Estate, LLC, and then went on to start another brokerage in Downtown Orlando called Luxury Properties, LLC!

Things were great!  I had a beautiful wife, I had a brand new BMW 750il, I had over $2million in property holdings, LIFE WAS GOOD!  And then it got ugly and it got ugly real fast.

See what happened was 
in early 2003 I had mastered internet lead generation for my real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston and took those skills to generate massive amounts of buyer leads which turned into massive amounts of real estate commissions.  Then I went and used those same skills for my Orlando brokerage, Luxury Properties, LLC.  It was like creating a money printing press, leads and deals were coming in so fast it felt like I hit the lottery!

My BIGGEST MISTAKE was focusing our business model on buyers and the hot preconstruction boom happening all over Florida...I don't need to tell you where this is going.  I mean I never expected during that time for things to turn out the way they did...I am sure you didn't either.

It's an all too familiar story wouldn't you agree?  And the thing is little did I know that at that time it was going to get even worse for myself and the rest of the country.  What I mean is I had become addicted to the deal, and even before I knew what was happening I had grown apart from wife (I am sure you know being in real estate how fast we become all about the deal). Tragecially we grew apart and went through a year long divorce!

And then came the market downturn I lost all my property holdings, I lost my car...Yep it got reposessed and to make matters even worse I lost my father.  After going through the divorce and losing my properties and car in 2007 I thought the worst was behind me.

Boy was I wrong! Right after celebrating an incredible Christmas a couple of weeks later out of the blue my dad was rushed to hospital, because of an obsecure pain he was having in his back near his kidneys.  
Let me tell you when it rains it pours.  We then discovered he had a Type 3 aortic dissection and was then airlifted to Shands Medical Center in Gainesville a hospital that handled these kinds of medical emergencies. Days later he went into sudden cardiac arrest at the young age of 54 and was in a coma for 5 months before passing away.

I miss my father very much and he was a huge inspiration in my life and entrepreneurial spirit, he was entrepreneur too.  We were very close because he was only 20 years older than me and I wish he could have been here today to see my comeback, and to see me helping and inspiring others to perservere and succeed in their lives.  If there's one thing I have learned from losing my father is;  that life is too short and everyday we are given 86,400 seconds that we can never have again and we must use them wisely and to the best of our ability, we must add value to our lives and to the lives of others


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