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Professional Affiliate Sites in a Few Clicks...

In fact, as the months progressed, I'd ended up building single affiliate sites (some no more than 10 pages deep) that were single-handedly earning what most people consider a full time income.

It was crazy. And it was just the beginning.

And it still works just as well today as it did when I started.

(By the way, many people fall into the trap of believing that you have to stay on top of every new trend and the latest "tricks" to do well in this business - or to constantly monitor what Google allegedly likes or whatever. It's simply not true.)

The reality is that every day, thousands upon thousands of people go online to BUY something.

And if you simply create content that is targeted to them - you'll get your piece of the pie, too.

It's that simple.

And with Affiliate Genie - this full time formula is literally as easy as pie. That's because I originally designed it from the ground up for the sole purpose of having my staff build my own affiliate sites.

It was only recently that we decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and release it publicly.
One of the core features of Affiliate Genie is its ability to easily create professional product review pages with an easy-to-use rating system and other integrated tools that - put simply - makes it very easy to publish unique, product-focused content.

And why is this a crucial success factor?

The answer is simple, and it's something that was directly responsible for my own success as an affiliate...

Publishing product reviews and product-related content is the simplest possible way to get traffic from "buyer keywords" in the search engines. And trust me - those are the kinds of people you want coming to your site!

I've seen it with my own campaigns, time and time again...

Sites where I've tried to rank for a competitive keyword (or keywords) usually get a fair bit of a traffic, but the sales and conversions are average.

In contrast - sites where my content is specifically focused on products, pre-sales questions/problems and otherwise "buyer" keywords usually generate far more sales, even with a fraction of the traffic.

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