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Philip Mansour's Confidential Conversions

Your fate's in Google's hands, and let's face it: If you can't control it... you don't own it.

The only people telling you it's "free" are gurus who think your time is worth nothing, and warn you to stay away from the "competitive" keywords where all the buyers are.

And the money? Well, if you need money NOW... not "whenever Google lets me out of the sandbox"... you can't count on "free" traffic to bring home the bacon.

Is that the end of it? Hardly.

Heck, I'm building up steam, so I'll go ahead and get this off my chest while I'm at it...

There Aren't Any More "Loopholes" In Google... And Facebook Traffic's Downright Worthless!

Here's a word of advice: Anytime you hear a guru tell you they've discovered some "hidden loophole" in Adwords, ask yourself if you really think they're smarter than Google.

And "social media" traffic? If you think Google's rules are nuts, try Facebook on for size.

So what's the real truth about traffic in 2010?


Is there any way left to tackle the really hot, high-paying markets without losing your shirt, getting "Google slapped" or spending months trying to "rank" with SEO?

Here's what some 'gurus' don't want you to know

(and may not even know themselves):

Pay Per Click Is Still The Easiest, Cheapest,
Most Profitable Traffic Around...
(IF You Know Where To Buy It!)

How do I know?

Because when I got started with affiliate marketing four years ago, you could still become a "super-affiliate" with Google Adwords just by throwing up direct-linking campaigns…

… ditching the losers…

… and ramping up the ones that pulled profit to the moon.

It was so easy, and so scalable – I scrapped SEO… article writing… and the other so-called "free" methods as soon as I had the seed money for my first Adwords campaign.

And with the profits rolling in on cruise control from every campaign I set up… I never even bothered with any traffic source but Google.

Google Decided To Shut Affiliates Out… And All
Those Direct-Linking Profits Dried Up Fast.

You've probably heard about Google's slash-and-burn banning spree…

Heck, even a lot of "gurus" got their accounts shut down for life, whether they'll admit it or not.

Truth is, though, I didn't even wait around long enough for the "Big G" to get around to banning me.

Because I was sick of getting my campaigns "slapped"… click prices going through the ceiling (turning cash-pulling campaigns into money pits)…

… and my direct-linking campaigns killed off before they left the ground.

I saw the writing on the wall – and I walked away.

And sure, there are still a few marketers out there talking up the "content network" and "Gmail ads"…

You may have even bought into a couple of these products recently yourself.

But the bottom line is, Google's shut the doors on affiliate marketers – word is, another big "slap" is coming around the bend as I'm writing this.

Here's the kicker:


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