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my secret trading formula

How I Invented This formula
And Why Is It So Profitable?

It all begins with a question - what did I do right?
Ask yourself this question and you will, more often than not, be led before a path for success inaccessible by asking "What did I do wrong?"
I am like you: I read all the books, absorbed every system of trading.
And I tried them, too. This included everything from sedate long-term value investing (Warren Buffet-style) to impulsive and fast-paced day trading.
I made money sometimes, but mostly watched as the long term stock picks lost value, then regained it, only to lose it again in a nauseating roller coaster ride.
And day trading - glued to a newswire in the hopes of swooping upon an opportunity before others do proved more difficult than I expected when interpreting news stories and trying to determine whether that story had already been "priced-into" the stock, came into play.
But about three years ago, while still in the process of feeling around for an investment strategy that offered safe, consistent, yet considerable returns, I one day happened upon something quite extraordinary.
I made money on a stock.
Ok, nothing special about that, true enough. I'd made money and lost money, and according to the amalgamation of theories offered forth by the myriad stock market gurus it was simply important to make more than you lost, right?
But as a lover of mysteries, particularly Sherlock Holmes, I decided to deviate from my typical "What did I do wrong?" approach reserved for mistakes and investigate the opposite: What did I do right this time?
So that is what I asked myself the day that I saw a stock I had purchased virtually at random climb significantly the day after I bought it.
And the answer to that question changed the way I traded stocks from then on.

Exciting Discovery: Ultra-Short
Term Value Investing

Each stock market investor has what he or she deems to be the best method for success... or in some cases, unfortunately, failure. I am no different.
If you are reading this page, then you have at least some desire to actually make money in the stock market, whether your current strategy has been "Buy and Hold", "Buy Low, Sell High" (!), or "Day Trading".
Notice I placed day trading in quotes. That is because I am now of an opinion that nowhere has a more laughable, emotionalist mentality been applied to the system of stock picking than is practiced by the majority of today's day traders. I know. I was one of them.
If you have doubts about whether yet another stock trading strategy can benefit you, then congratulations. You have all the rationality and sense you need to actually stop searching for one and begin using one that works.
If that describes you, read on. You have nothing to lose; this page is not long, it will not appropriate very much of your time. And along the way, be prepared for a discovery that will surprise you, the skeptic, most of all.
Also, be assured my system does not involve Technical Analysis, no Fibonacci Curves, no Bollinger Bands, none of that. It does not have anything to do with attempting to predict the future movement of a stock based on its past movements at all.
In fact, you could actually label my system Ultra-Short-Term Value Investing, though that might be a little cumbersome (and more than a little silly).
So back to that profitable stock. What company was it, you ask? Oh, I think it was Best Buy or Home Depot, honestly I don't remember. Because it doesn't matter.
The conditions that made that stock ripe for buying then may or may not exist any more, anyway. The important thing to ask was a new mental query in my head that was formulated something like this:

Did that stock rise suddenly on that day for a
predictable reason, can such a trade be repeated, and if so,
can it be repeated with foresight, safety, and regularity?

Now, mind you, that is the plainly drawn anecdotal version of a thought process that led to much research, that in turn led to the following answer: Yes



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