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Maverick Martial Arts School

Would You Go Off to War With Only Half a Battle Plan?

That's what you're doing when you buy other martial arts business plans. Other companies don't want you to have complete information - they'd rather sell it to you bit-by-bit, and line their pockets while you wonder why you can't make a living teaching the martial arts.

While other business manuals might fall short by just telling you how to run a class, or how to enroll students, or how to advertise - "Small Dojo, BIG Profits" has it all, and explains every single aspect of starting and running your martial art school.

Honestly, why pay a lot of money for incomplete information when you can have all the information you need at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost?

"Would have paid $300, easily... worth every penny":

Thank you for the prompt reply. This clairies things tremendously. I loved your book and told a friend of mine who lives in another province to buy your book. I told him that it was worth every penny spent.

He thought the price was somewhat high for an ebook and I laughed cause I told him I would have paid $300 easily now that I know what this book is actually worth.

In business they say that no publicity is bad publicity, I first came across your book on a forum that bitched and whined about your "McDojo" book.

I'll tell you that that very thing led me to investigate on my own as I do not subscribe to others opinions without first making my own conclusion by getting all facts.

Man I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately they're still probably whining and living at home with mommy and daddy playing Xbox. Thanks!"

This Is The Martial Arts Business Plan That Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed

Without a doubt, it is the most thorough and complete martial art business manual on the market.

It covers every aspect of starting and running a low-overhead, high profit martial arts studio, from A-to-Z... Nothing has been left out or held back.

Check out what "Small Dojo, BIG Profits" has to offer:

Find out how to start your own martial art school with almost no money and no credit (I started with virtually no start up capital and I explain exactly what steps I took to start my school without taking out a bank loan...)

How you can earn more money in your studio with less students (and less headaches!)

How you can make $297,000 per year with less than 250 students (Just follow the business plan in the book - the numbers are right there...)

Find out how you can make $70,000 a year working 25 hours a week or less (You can work part-time and make a substantial income - it's possible!)

The secrets to end your student recruitment frustrations for good -

The easiest methods to increase your retention and attract better students into your martial art school -
Sure fire methods that will make you the recognized expert on the martial arts in your area
What the big billing companies are not telling you… you’ll be shocked when you read this!

How to avoid costly mistakes that can ruin your business -

Understanding the risks that are threatening your martial art school – and how to protect yourself from them...

How to drastically reduce or even eliminate your payroll!

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