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Make Managing Your Employees a Breeze

  • Do you waste hours dealing with staffing issues, when you just want to get out and grow your business?
  • Do you employ people - but are not getting the results you want from them?
  • Do you find yourself repeatedly answering questions about entitlements, roles and responsibilities?
  • Would you like Australian HR Policies and Procedures that clearly outline all of the boundaries, rules, expectations, rights and responsibilities for your company ... but you don't have the time to put them together?
The fact that you're here, reading this page means you are frustrated with how things currently are in your business and you want solutions. Right?  Well, I'm glad you're here because I believe in ...

Making People Management Easy
Instant HR Policies & Procedures makes it easy for you to create plain English, easy to understand Human Resource Policies and Procedures. The secret is our comprehensive employee handbook template which is quickly customisable for your company. In less than 30 minutes you will have clear and up-to-date People Management Policies and Procedures covering everything from hiring through to termination.
Hi, my name is Ingrid Cliff and for over 25 years I have worked with Australian businesses, helping them put in place effective yet simple Human Resource Policies and Procedures.  To tell you a bit more about myself, I have a Degree in Psychology and Industrial Relations, and have worked in the Qld Industrial Commission as Research Officer to the Commission. I have been the Director of Human Resources for a large State Government Department as well as HR Manager for an aggressively expanding private sector company, with offices across Australia. 
And I used to get really frustrated by what was available on the market to help me set up employee manuals for the companies I worked with. There were stacks of packages written for the USA market - but 90% of what was written just didn't work in Australia. 
I tried pretty much everything written in Australia over the years from high-priced yet brilliant products such as CCH, to the budget-priced entry level Maus's employee manual pack.
None of them had the detail I needed ... None of them covered the tricky stuff like Social Media ... None of them worked!

So, as part of my HR policy and consulting roles, I spent months researching each policy to find out the best practice - implemented what I discovered in each company and then tweaked the results to improve the content.  I tested every policy, every procedure in the real world. Each template was trialled, tested and tweaked until it was easy and worked.
When I started my own business, a number of my copywriting clients, who knew of my HR background, asked if I could recommend a useful employee manual template - as they were frustrated by what was on the market.
So, I started to share copies of my notes, gathered from years of experience, with them.  Then the number of small businesses asking for my HR manual grew ... and it grew ... and it grew.
I finally edited all of my information, collated all of my notes, templates, forms ... everything into one place and the Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual was born.
In my own business I have consulted to companies of up to 7000 employees as well as micro-businesses. I know what works and what is just expensive hot air and I can tell you ...... these procedures work!

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