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Magical System That Takes Your Visitors THEM to CPA

 You know how it works: you set up a site, put on AdWords ads and CPA offers, and start driving traffic in. You sit back waiting for the riches to come – but things don't quite work that way. Conversions are low, income is low, and your dreams of retirement are put on hold.

Fact is, there are a million ways to get traffic to your site – but if conversions are low, what's the point?

CPA marketing partially addresses this hurdle, by removing the sale from the marketing equation. As the saying goes "the hardest part is the sell", and if you get paid for leads and not sales, things should be better, right?

Correct, and this is why CPA marketing is all the buzz lately – but this is far from enough. It's pretty hard targeting your traffic to these CPA forms, and yet harder to get untargeted visitors to fill in these forms. Targeted traffic is low, conversions are even lower, and the fact remains that most CPA marketers cannot earn their living on the net, let alone grow rich.

But what if there was a way to get "regular" visitors to fill-in your CPA offers? What if there was a way to set up a site, drive in ANY traffic, and then watch it massively convert on TRUE autopilot?

With that in mind, we set out to create CPA Convert!

We thought long and hard; We read marketing books; We read psychology books; We talked to experts and again and again we wound up with a simple truth: If only there was a way to make this a Win-Win situation so that your untargeted traffic would want to fill in the forms - your conversions would skyrocket!
A Unique Win-Win Situation

CPA Convert was built with firm belief that the best way to do business is when both sides win. But how do you get this Win-Win, when your visitors are not targeted to the CPA offer?

The answer was clear: If it's not the CPA offer they want, give them something else for filling-in the offer form. Give them Content, but preferably without forcing you to create content.

Your WIN is obvious: You get AMAZING CPA conversions on autopilot.

Your visitors' WIN is also clear: They get free access to valuable content, for just filling in a short CPA form.

But how does it work? And where do you get such content?
In a nutshell: Very easily, and surprisingly - you don't really need any content.


It's a simple idea: people visit your page, like what they see and want to read your content or download a free product. Then, suddenly, your content gets locked and they're offered free and unlimited access to it for just filling-in a short CPA offer. This works AMAZINGLY WELL!

But don't take our word for it - here's a live example:

MadMen is a very popular TV series with hordes of followers. Each day, numerous people search for MadMen episodes, either to watch online or to download to their computers.

Let's say you're a MadMen fan looking for an episode to watch, and you come upon the following webpage

Your visitors fill-in one or more CPA offers, and after a short while the lock panel disappears and they gain full access to your pages. This proves extremely effective in monetizing your content and converting CPA offers. What's more, it is extremely effective even if you don't have any content!

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