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It's no secret that the internet is by far the world's largest marketplace.

Even if you were able to combine the selling power of every single shopping center in the world's busiest city the income potential would still be utterly dwarfed by the financial monster that is online business.

And you don't need to be a Rocket Scientist to understand where the world's largest financial monster resides is where the world's monstrous money making opportunities reside too.

All you need to do is find a way to take hold of just one of those opportunities for yourself and in no time you'll be telling your boss what you really think of him.

Of course, there's nothing new about any of the above information. Millions of people from all over the world already well and truly understand the epic money making potential that the internet offers.

In fact, they understand it so well that they've been flocking in droves trying every possible angle to get a piece of the online money making pie…

…and still are, even as we speak.

Through it all one method to generate real online income has proven itself time and time again as the easiest and best way to milk the internet cash cow.

And, as the single most trusted method of making money online, it continues to surge way ahead of all other methods with accelerated earnings growth.

We are, of course, talking about affiliate marketing.

It makes perfect sense too.

Money is made online from selling goods and services…

…and affiliate marketing is the act of getting paid for helping sell those products or services by promoting them.

Affiliate Marketers are the people who do the promotion.

They promote goods and services by driving traffic - that's people - to the seller's offers. One of those people then makes a purchase and the seller pays a healthy commission to the Affiliate Marketer for sending them the business.

And it's usually a BIG commission.

Some offers pay 75% commission and, believe it or not, some business owners even pay as high as 100% commission because they're more interested in winning the customer for the long haul than merely making a single one off sale.

It's not hard to understand why affiliate marketing is so immensely popular.

It's simple to get involved with.

You don't need to stock goods.

You don't need to process sales.

You don't need to do anything, really,

... except help direct potential buyers to where they can buy.

And when they do…

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

The truth is affiliate marketing is simple when you know what you're doing.

The problem is most people don't know what they're doing.

In fact, most of the time they spend way too much time "hoping" that they make a ton of sales from the traffic they're sending to the seller’s offer…

… instead of ensuring the traffic they send is highly targeted and clued up enough that they're already convinced buying is a good decision.

Sure, most Affiliate Marketer's understand it's important to send highly targeted traffic to get high sales conversions…

…but most fail to also take care of the "clued up" part


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