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How to Write Killer Copy

This is not just a bunch of articles thrown together like so many of the writing books that are out there today.

Rockin' Copy 101 was conceived and written with a single purpose: to teach you the art of persuading people with words. And it was created by a veteran copywriter who uses these very same techniques day in, day out.

In fact, the methods described in Rockin' Copy 101 have driven the sales of some of the hottest products in the market for the last 30 years. They form the basis for the online and print advertising campaigns of a number of Fortune 500 companies.
How it works and what it'll do for you...

For starters, you'll learn the Golden Rule on page 20. If you do nothing more than post this rule on the wall next to your desk, you'll find yourself writing more powerful, more persuasive stuff immediately.

But that's just the beginning, because you'll also...

· Learn four steps that'll improve EVERYTHING you write.

     These four steps will supercharge your newsletters, blogs, websites, landing pages, ads, even your grocery lists.

· Find out how to create headlines that hold your readers like super glue.

     Ever wonder why some headlines grab your attention and stay on your mind forever? There's a reason for this, and it's something you can put to work for yourself today.

· Discover a gold mine of "power words" that are yours for the asking.
     Some of the information given here is so powerful, it should be classified Top Secret. In fact, it might just be. It's for your eyes only -- a truly endless source of killer words and phrases.

· See how to write landing pages that grab your readers and never let go.
     The landing page is the ultimate sales letter. Make sure yours are driving your readers in the direction you want them to go.

· Learn the most common writing mistakes, and how to avoid them.
    Copywriting is more than just turning a few clever phrases. Find out the mistakes that can rob you of credibility and turn your readers off, no matter how good your product or service is. And correct them once and for all.

You'll also learn why an elite group of writers can charge thousands of dollars for a well executed ad. 

Of course, one reason is that red-hot ads drive sales through the roof. And Rockin' Copy 101 can turn the heat up on your ads, and everything you write.

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