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How to Buy Foreclosures with Private Money

It’s timeless and true. The Golden Rule (of business, that is):

"He who has the Gold makes the rules..."

And by the time you get to the end of this page, you’ll know how to do exactly that - get the gold and make your own rules. You’ll know how to get all the cash you want to pile up as much real estate cash as you want. After all, life is too short to be living on just one paycheck.

If you’re in the game for some big-time cash, right now a national phenomenon probably has your attention:

Headlines like this are everywhere. But something is missing...

The Money

How are you supposed to scoop up all the great foreclosure deals out there for pennies on the dollar when you don’t have any of your own money?

Maybe you’ve bought a few properties and now you’re tapped out...hey, I’ve been there before. It was just a few short years ago when I relied on banks, mortgage companies and lines of credit to buy my investment properties. And then...

And, if you thought you could count on the big Wall Street banks to loan you a few bucks...

These big bloated bailed out Wall Street banks don’t want anything to do with lending you or I money to buy real estate anymore. So, how do you get the cash to:

    Buy foreclosures and HUD repo’s?

    Snag bargain short sales?

    Grab killer apartment deals?

And it’s no secret that you need access to cash in order to take advantage of this "foreclosure boom."

Creating wealth and cash flow shouldn’t just be for the fat cats – YOU can get in on the action, too!

Let’s face it... the old ways of doing things don’t work anymore. It’s a different market today, so you need a strategy that WORKS - right here and right now. The old "no money down" techniques don’t work in foreclosures. You need to have the gold so you can make the rules. You need a bullet proof and recession proof all-in-one strategy to put money in your bank account.

Here’s what to do...

Fortunately, a few years ago (as the foreclosure tidal wave was hitting) I finally cracked the code and developed a turnkey system to have PRIVATE INVESTORS fund all of my real estate deals. The results surprised even a grizzled, in-the-trenches real estate veteran like me...

In the past two years alone, I’ve flipped over 100 houses in one of the worst economies in the country! That’s right: I live and invest in the great old Motor City of Detroit, Michigan. We have over 16% unemployment, thousands of foreclosures and burnouts and lots of abandoned factories. But guess what...

None of that matters

I still made hundreds of thousands of dollars flipping real estate in the last few years alone despite all of the economic doom and gloom. Was it because I had some magic system for buying houses? Was it because a genie came out of a bottle and granted me a wish? Hardly! It was because of one thing and one thing only


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