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How to Buy $1 Million Homes for $1,995

In fact, it's as simple as just contacting the county office quite often, and then choosing from a list of "delinquent tax properties" and saying "Yeah, I'll take this one" or "I'll take these!"
Then you simply pay the small amounts to cover their taxes (again, often starting BELOW $100 to seldom more than $3,000 per property!)
And again, if the home owner fails to pay you back that $100 to $3,000 (plus interest as require by state or county law) you get the property as your very own to keep and do with what you please!


And why is this great? ...
Two main reasons:
  1. You get a nice home for just a few $100's to seldom above a couple of $1,000's.
  2. You can turn around and resell the home for a HUGE discount and still make an even BIGGER profit!

For example, you could easily get a home like this one below we got for just $255 (NOTE: the home itself is worth as determined by an appraiser above $145,000!)

We then turned around and sold this same house to a bank for $95,000 - which means subtracting our $255 tax lien purchase cost, we made a fat $94,745.
The entire process included just these few things:
We shopped at the County Tax Assessor's Office from our home using the Web! (No crap! We simply "pointed-n-clicked" and grabbed this little property! - Ha!) It took maybe less than 10 minutes to pick this one out!

We then even paid for the tax lien only using the "Bid Option" made available to us! (Similar to how eBay works!)

We waited just a short while (actually less than 6 months!) and then we were notified by the county that the property was ours!

We contacted a bank and asked them if they wanted a $145,000 house in good condition but for just $95,000. They IMMEDIATELY jumped at the opportunity!

Within just a few short weeks we sealed the deal! - And walked off with a fat same-as-cash bank draft for $94,745!


Now, this is when we just turn around and resell (called "liquidation").
A few times every now and then we get some property owners who do in fact pay us back.
This usually results in a 16% to as high as 50% return on our investment.
For instance, above the outstanding taxes due for all 9 properties immediately above were around $28,000. So if we had averaged just 32% (an often average amount!) we'd have made nearly $9,000 profit just inside of 30 days (I.e., We"d have gotten $37,000 back for our $28,000 we spent to pay off these property owners" taxes!)
Now, at this point you're most likely wondering is there any way to determine ahead of time exactly which property owners are going to pay you back, or go belly-up so that you own their properties free and clear?
Many experts would tell you "no" that it's not possible to know.
However, although an "exact" forecast isn"t possible, we"ve actually developed a method that takes out 99% of the "guesswork!"
We've been doing this for some time now, and have thus developed a "knack" for being able to "pick 'em!"
And that's also something we're willing to share with you (along with everything else!) just inside our brand new "Tax Liens Made Easy!"
I promise that you won't find another like it anywhere!
But I must warn you now that we are definitely limited to the number of systems we will allow to be ordered.
As soon as we reach this top secret pre-determined number, that's it - not one more!
Why? ... because we don't want too many others competing against us (the very Creators of our unique and 1-of-a-kind secret system!)
Therefore, if you're wise you'll get going now, and grab your copy NOW! (and before it's too late!)


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