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guide to Pay Per View Advertising

If you haven’t heard much about pay-per-view advertising yet – don’t wait until it’s too late. Pay Per View or PPV as it’s commonly called, is a breakthrough new form of online marketing that lets you buy super-targeted traffic as low as 1 cent per click, and convert it into $40 per sale or more – all by leveraging the unique advertising angle of
“Permission-Based” Advertising

A well-crafted PPV campaign can net you several thousand dollars in profit, without any extraordinary talent, skills or time. It’s not uncommon for even average marketers to have a return on their investment that far surpasses even the BEST pay per click marketing campaign.

Can you imagine an ROI of 400%? 700% or more? All without a list or even a website, or even a product of your own?
Here’s Exactly What You Need to Know about PPV

Pay per view marketing works by distributing your ad, CPA offer, affiliate link or landing page to hundreds of thousands of users who have expressly agreed to receive such offers. People often see these ads when they’ve agreed to receive a free magazine subscription, a free ringtone or game or other promotional discount.

But PPV goes well beyond traditional banner ads!

For one thing, you don’t pay “per click” like you do on PPC search engines and banner ad networks. Rather, you pay based on how many times your ad is shown – and the prices are currently EXTREMELY low, often as little as one cent per viewing impression!

Let’s take a look at how a real-world PPV scenario would play out.

Say you’re targeting people who enjoy playing online games. There’s no shortage of free games out there, and anyone can sign up and join for free as long as they agree to install the software on their computer. These people also don’t mind seeing ads pop up every now and then as they play – they’re just focused on playing that game.

As a marketer, this particular pool of individuals could be very profitable for you if you targeted them with certain affiliate offers, such as how to boost their level in World of Warcraft or earn more gold. Some affiliate products pay as much as 75% per sale, netting you the lion’s share of the profits for every successful purchase.

And, unlike pay-per-click advertising, you’re not embroiled in a bidding war with fellow affiliates also promoting Warcraft guides – yet you’re getting the same (or better) targeted, relevant and ready-to-act audience for a much lower cost!
And If That Isn’t Enough to Get Your Head Spinning with Limitless Profitable Ideas – Just Close This Page Now and Don’t Come Back.

One thing is certain, using PPV – you’ll be reaching eager, determined buyers. Forget people who are “afraid” of the internet, or need loads of guarantees in place before they buy. These are sophisticated computer users who know what they want, and will go after any given opportunity the moment it presents itself.

That means, for internet marketers like you…
These Users are “Low Hanging Fruit” That’s Ripe for the Picking!

Because let’s face it, you’ve always wanted to be able to “cherry pick” your ideal customers, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply upload a URL and drive immediate traffic to your landing page or affiliate offer?

With pay-per-view advertising – you can do just that!

But with all these benefits surrounding pay per view marketing, you might be inclined to search Google for resources out there that can help you make the most of this hot new trend before everyone and their dog jumps on the PPV bandwagon.

Except – if you look for more information…
You’ll Find Absolutely NOTHING of Value!

Yes – that’s how NEW pay per view marketing is! Like most red-hot marketing techniques, when there’s nothing out there, you typically have to feel your way through it, blindly stumbling along, making mistakes, until you carve out a profitable path for yourself that others can follow.

But you don’t have to – because I’ve done all the work for you in not just helping you get started with pay per view marketing – but helping you succeed at it! With just a little effort and basic knowledge of how PPV works, you’ll be well on your way to cashing in on this lucrative marketing strategy --

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