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Earn a Huge Income Tinting Windows

Have I got your attention now? The mega-industry I’m talking about is the “automotive aftermarket” industry. Window Tinting is a small segment of this massively growing industry and tinters (people who put tint on car windows) are raking in a kings ransom.

There are tinters (men and women alike) out there making up to $200.00 a day as employees! That’s $1,000.00 a week or $50,000.00 a year…more than most people with college degrees are making.

Keep in mind these are employees. The owners of these tint shops, which is precisely what I will teach you how to do from your home are laughing all the way to the bank each day.

This testimonial is actually from a guy in the business who did not buy my course but he felt he had to impress me. What he doesn’t know is that we now make more than he does on a lot of days, but I didn’t want to use those figures on my site because most people’s “scam radar’s” would start going off. Listen to what he has to say about me and my course. I’ve purposely left his location and email out but I did not edit his spelling or content.



“I have been a Film Technician for 25 years now and surely know what I'm doing. I see you mention making 200 dollars a day well try 1500 bucks
a day which is where I have been for many years. It not very hard to do in Florida which is where I'm at, I have a small backyard shop which does 12-15 cars daily with myself and 2 other tinters which earn 30% of the total ticket. Comes too 400-600 a week for each of them, fresh out of highschool 18 year olds making that kind of cash,certainly wasn't like that when I started back in the 70's."

Have a nice day ................Mike aka ......Music

You see, window tinters who are employees are typically paid only a small percentage of the amount charged to the customer. The average is about 25% for every car they complete.

And the good news is that Window Tinting has slipped under the radar of most people looking for the ideal business because everyone in the business doesn’t want you to know how lucrative it actually can be.

If they advertised this to the world, they’d run the risk of creating their own competition. So, no wonder they have been closed lipped about it.

What are the chances that you will earn this kind of money at a job? What about at another business opportunity?

Look at some of the costs of starting these businesses being advertised on the internet and in Entrepreneur or similar magazines:

Home Cleaning Centers of America
Residential, commercial, window and carpet cleaning
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $23,800.00

Window Butler
Residential & comm'l. window cleaning/gutter cleaning/pressure washing
Minimum Start Up Costs: $17,300.00

Vending Machines
Minimum Start Up Costs: $6,750.00
How many quarters would it take to just make your investment back plus pay for all the candy?

Ace Security Laminates
Window Tinting Business Specializing in Security Films
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $25,000.00
I include information in my instantly downloadable e-book on this extremely lucrative niche. You don’t have to pay that amount of money to start doing it.

Glasweld Windshield Repair
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $1,395.00
A great add-on service down the road but I‘ll show you how to break into this niche for zero cash outlay.

Basket Connection
How to make money with gift baskets.
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $1,495.00

Another window tinting company in my state (name left off for obvious reasons)
Offers a live hands on training package.
Minimum Start-Up Costs: $1,500.00 to $3,200.00 plus airfare, hotel and meals.

And there are literally hundreds more of such business opportunities out there that require a substantial investment to get started. Franchises are nothing but expensive jobs and many of the offers you’ve seen out there are theoretical businesses at best that are being sold by people who aren’t even doing the business.

On top of that, many of these so called business opportunities are total scams, in my opinion. I’ve been taken by many of them in my attempt to find a real business that real people would pay real money for.

If I charged $997.00 for my course it would be a bargain. In fact, I’m not so sure that I shouldn’t. You would earn your entire investment back with only 10 cars completed and from then on you’d be making enormous profits on demand. But don’t worry, you’ll only pay a fraction of this price if you act fast.

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