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Cloud Blogging

With Cloud Blogging you can follow in the exact footsteps that these and other A-list bloggers took to reach blogging stardom. We’ve interviewed bloggers with a combined audience of over 600,000 feed subscribers and included our own fundamental blogging rules that saw us build 6 figure blogs in less than one year.

Cloud Blogging is brought to you by Glen Allsopp, and Dirk de Bruin. Best friends, who also happen to be blogging to thousands of people on a daily basis. If you’re going to take our advice on how to build a popular blog, then we don’t blame you for wanting to know whether we’ve done it ourselves.

The truth is, the journey has not been easy. In fact, we’re going to be honest…it’s been tough. But, before we get into that story, we do want to show you that we can walk the walk.

If you know anything about blogging, you’ll know that subscriber counts aren’t everything. People have to actually engage in your content for an audience to be worth having. Thanks to the methods we follow, our subscribers are some of the most engaged on the internet; constantly leaving comments in the hundreds, linking to our posts, and sharing them via the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Things didn’t always look this good for us though, as you’ll soon discover…

Hey there, Glen and Diggy here.

It’s likely that you’ve stumbled on this page because you’re looking to improve the results you’re getting from your blogging efforts. We’re sure that you’ve come across many pages and products before promising success in the blogosphere, but this isn’t another one to add to that list. The reason? We’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now.

In 2006, I launched what is now one of the most popular marketing blogs in the world. If you look at the site this very second, you’ll see hundreds of comments, thousands of blog subscribers and the look of a highly successful blog. Don’t let that deceive you though. Things didn’t always look this good.

In fact, after an entire year of blogging, I had 3 comments to show for my efforts and a whopping 17 subscribers. If you think the situation you’re in is tough, imagine how it felt to be me. I'm certainly isn’t alone with results like these as you’re probably all too aware.

I and many others – and maybe you as well – faced the harsh reality that a year of consistent effort got me absolutely nowhere. I (Diggy) also spent a year writing what he thought was high quality content for his blog and ended up with a grand total of 31 subscribers. Better than Glen but certainly not enough to make the decent income that all these other marketing products had been promising.

On the topic of those marketing products, isn’t it funny how they just never seem to work? I mean… they have all these great offers and great promises, but even if you implement what they have to tell you, the results you get don’t come close to the dream you bought in to.

And what about the people who didn’t even buy these products? The ones who seem to have success no matter what they do. I have a word that I always referred to these people as… ‘lucky’. What else could they be?

As I looked around the web after a year of blogging with nothing to show for it, all I witnessed were people writing average articles which were somehow getting thousands of hits and receiving hundreds of comments. Every single day there would be a new post in my feed reader that went insanely viral around the web.

I had to take time out to question what I was really doing wrong. Was it me? Was I just destined to just watch other people making a living from their websites? Maybe I should have kept studying, focused on college, and tried to get a real job like everyone else.

After one final push, I decided to try again. “Maybe these people were just lucky OR maybe I was working with the wrong blueprint to blogging success” was the driving thought behind my decision. After all, my articles were good, but that’s where it stopped. Leaving me with minimal traffic, comments and subscribers.

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