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Autoresponder Software

Are You Frustrated With The Following:
    Low Conversions on Your Website:  Even though a 2% conversion rate is generally regarded as 'good', this means that 98 out of 100 people are still LEAVING without buying!
    Poor Responses to Your Follow Ups:  Even though auto-responders are a great way to follow up with your prospects, most people just DELETE your message and never see it.
    Not Getting Your Message Delivered:  Many people who DO want to receive your messages and follow ups, never get to see them because of the SPAM filters.
    The Limitations of 'Text Only' Email:  Let's face it, many people still can't see your HTML messages, and you almost have to be a world-class copywriter to write effective and compelling 'text' ad copy.
    Short Attention-Span Syndrome:  The average internet visitor nowadays has the attention span of 10-year-old kid after a handful of Ritalin, a six pack of Coke, and a box of Twinkies.

If You Answered 'Yes' to Any of These
Questions, Then Read On...

If you've been desperately trying to ...
    Increase The Conversions on Your Website:  Get more of your visitors to buy from you and agree to let you send them more information (opt-in).
    Improve Responses to Your Follow Ups:  Have more of your prospects actually respond to your follow up messages, and ultimately buy from you.
    Get More of Your Messages Delivered:  Make sure that more of your prospects are actually seeing your message, rather than have them dumped in the SPAM can.
    Ensure That Your Message is Delivered in the Format Intended:  Have your potential customer or prospect see your message as you want them to see it, and in a way that makes you 'stand out' from the crowd.
    Get Your Customer's 100% Undivided Attention:  Have at least a fighting chance of getting your message across by putting it right in front of them - with no other competing distractions

Then This Is For You

Imagine using a system where you had...
    No competitors using the same system to contact the same people that are on your list...
      No spam or junk filters to hurdle to deliver your message...
      No worries about which email accounts your subscribers wanted to use (because the system doesn't use email systems)..
      or any of the usual hassles of traditional email marketing!

Wouldn't that be valuable to the online marketer looking for a competitive edge?

You bet


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