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Article Traffic

How A Simple Piece Of Software Can Help You Drive Thousands Of Visitors To Your Site And How you Can Get It – Free!

John Oszajca here from Ready Aim Income and I have a free piece of custom software that I want to share with you which I think is really going to help your online business. But first I want to quickly discuss a really common problem that most online marketers encounter and what is often the only thing separating people from reaching their financial goals.

Making money online comes down to 3 basic components.

   1. The offer.
   2. The marketing (sales copy, etc).
   3. The traffic.

Now most of you watching this have already at least experimented with making money online. Chances are you have an online business or at least a website that you’re promoting.

As I think many of us can attest, you can have the greatest product in the world and your marketing message can be spot on, but if no one is seeing it, if no one is receiving your message, the reality is that you’re dead in the water.

That’s where I think I can help…

There are a lot of really great courses out there that discuss how to design your business. There are courses that teach everything from list-building to how to build a membership site. But one of the things these courses often fail to sufficiently cover is the traffic generation. Sure people cover this topic. Many of the so called “gurus” teach about SEO, JV partnerships, and even PPC. But what many of the Gurus fail to mention is that while these methods do work, without pre-existing relationships in your market, a ton of time and money to invest in SEO, or a fat wallet and a stomach for risk with paid advertising, it’s just not always that easy to get that traffic coming in.

I’ve been working online since 2007 and last year I brought in over $700,000 in sales. I can’t say that it happened overnight nor did it happen without putting in a significant amount of effort. But I can tell you that your dreams of quitting your day job and reaching your financial goals really can come true.

At this stage in my online career I have employed a HUGE array of tactics to build businesses and drive traffic. However the very first thing I teach any of my students when it comes to driving traffic is the craft of Article Marketing. What’s great about article marketing is that nearly ANYONE can start driving traffic almost immediately, no matter what the skill or experience level.

Now, I’m going to commit a major marketing faux pas here and tell you that article marketing is not a magic bullet. The reality is that there are no magic bullets; only intelligent strategies employed in logical ways. Article marketing is one of those strategies and it has served me in my online efforts tremendously.

As I mentioned, Article Marketing is one of the first things I teach my students once they are ready to start driving traffic to an offer. However, I often get a large degree of initial resistance. I can’t count how many times I have heard, “I’m not a good enough writer, I don’t know enough about the subject to write anything, It’s going to take way to long to write any significant amount of articles”, and the list of concerns goes on.

I’ll tell you what I tell them; anyone can write valuable articles on any subject in a manner of minutes – ANYONE! All it takes are a few simple tricks which help you break down the process into a simple easy-to-execute system. I have been writing articles to drive traffic for years now and to help my staff and I with the process I even had my own custom piece of article writing software developed to help organize and speed up the process. For the first time EVER I am sharing that software publicly. And it won’t cost you a dime :)

The software is called ARTICLE REVISER and it’s an incredibly simple desk top application that makes the article writing process so quick and simple that anyone can be cranking out content in a matter of minutes, research included! Just follow the steps in the tutorial videos and you will start seeing hordes of new visitors and more importantly, BUYERS, in almost no time at all. But don’t take my word for it, download Article Reviser now, absolutely free!

Just sign up in the field to the right and you’ll receive a download link to the software as well as an in depth video tutorial which will show you exactly how to use and benefit from this powerful tool.

Article Reviser will only be available for a limited time. In a few weeks I plan to pull this offer down, so be sure to download the software now while it’s still available.

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